Student Engagement

Mohawk Student Engagement is here to help you have a great and successful educational experience! From the day you arrive at Mohawk College to day you graduate, we are here to help you every step of the way! Learn more about our services we offer you!

Services Offered by Student Engagement

  • Orientation & Transition
    Start Smart is a day of informative and interesting sessions designed to help you prepare for college life.
  • Volunteering
    Are you looking for ways to get involved in the Mohawk Community? Hoping to find ways to contribute to the campus community? Do you want to build a comprehensive resume? Consider volunteering!
  • Off-Campus Housing
    Student Engagement offers services and information for student tenants and landlords, as well as an online, searchable database of housing listings.
  • Mohawk Student Leadership Academy
    Highly involved student leaders are selectively chosen to participate in the Mohawk Student Leadership Academy (MSLA). Key skills, training and resources help attendees excel as student leaders.
  • Student Groups
    Student groups that fall outside of activity and academic based clubs may qualify as a registered student group, eg. Religious, cultural, identity . It is the discretion of Mohawk College whether or not to deem a group a registered student groups.
  • Co-Curricular Record
    Mohawk’s Co-Curricular Record is a new program that will allow you to showcase the abilities and skills you have gained through your co-curricular activities.
  • Board of Governors’ Student Governor

Hours and Operations

Fennell Campus
8:30am - 4:30pm

Stoney Creek Campus
8:30am - 4:30pm

Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster
8:30am - 4:30pm

Contact Student Engagement

Fennell Campus
Location: Room R203
Phone: 905-575-2081

Stoney Creek Campus
Location: Room A125
Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 5005

Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster
Location: Room 144
Phone: 905-540-4247 ext. 26710

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Email us at studentengagement [at]

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