Mohawk Energy Research Centre (MERC)

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Mohawk Energy Research Centre (MERC)

The Mohawk Energy Research Centre team includes highly specialized PhD researchers, professional engineers, technologists, technicians and co-op students who work to evaluate, develop and refine technologies required for modernization of electrical power systems. Major research areas being addressed by the Energy group include smart grids/microgrids, industrial networking, power quality and energy storage systems.


iDeaWORKS Energy Research & Innovation

Ontario’s power distribution systems are charged with the ever-more challenging task of feeding our need for safe and always available access to sustainable electrical power. In recent years, aging infrastructure has faced an increasing number of challenges, with new energy sources like wind and solar delivering irregular and often unpredictable input; and new load stresses like electric vehicles contributing to demand. The iDeaWORKS Energy group, led by talented Mohawk faculty and staff, works to evaluate, develop and refine technologies required for the modernization of electrical power systems. We are developing the technologies that will help keep the lights on for years to come.

Facilities & Projects

To support our various paths of research, we have developed custom facilities like the Advanced Power System Laboratory and Advanced Power Quality Laboratory at Mohawk College. Working in cooperation with McMaster University and power industry partners, these labs provide tremendous learning and development technology for students and faculty working to solve some of the biggest challenges facing power distribution today. Our recent projects have included initiatives aimed at delivering Substation Automation, Power Quality, Energy Performance Monitoring, Effects of Waveform Distortion on Power Protection Relays among others.

Our High-Energy Team

With the participation of some of the most respected names in energy, our group has become a North American hub for innovation in power distribution technology. The Energy team made of up faculty, specialized PhD researchers, professional engineers, technologists and co-op students from Mohawk College and McMaster University, work directly with power distribution utilities and equipment manufacturers. Our state of the art labs allow for real-world testing in controlled environments and the rich combination of people and facilities adds up to a learning experience for our co-op students that really cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.

MERC's industry partners include Schneider Electric, Siemens, Omicron, Horizon Utilities, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, McMaster University, Enersource, CINNOS, and the Toronto and Region Conservation for The Living City.

For more information on MERC's research, visit the MERC (opens new window) website.