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eLearn logoYour Latest and Greatest Learning Management System (LMS)!

How to get started

Getting your sandbox | practice course

Playing in your sandbox | practice course

1. View the 9 minute Getting Started video to set the eLearn scene. (Accessible after logging in to eLearn and clicking the link.)

2. Familiarize yourself with what your program of study requires for its online learning environment. The Essential Elements, CTL’s recommendations for consistency in basic course set-up, can then be enhanced by eLearn’s tools most beneficial for your program of study.

3. Begin to personalize the course template files by adding course information:
  1. your background
  2. contact preferences
  3. course outline
  4. learning plan
  5. breakdown of activities and assessments
4. Take 5 minutes to set up Grades to align with your course assessments.

5. Create and populate the structure for your course e.g. 12 weekly units, 4 modules, etc.

6. Connect with your Instructional Technologist or a trained colleague if you have any difficulties.

7. Connect with your faculty liaison librarian if you want help finding those perfect resources – embedded articles; educational videos, podcasts, etc.

Help with eLEARN

Get instant help with eLEARN via chat M-F: 9am- 12pm and 1pm - 4pm - just click the blue chat balloon! Or contact us via email! 

Semester highlights

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Your eLEARN toolbox

Make sure to check out all the wonderful help resources available. Directly after you log in to eLEARN, on your landing page are two boxes/widgets with help information. One has links to text resources and one is for help via video.


Success stories

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