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 Fall In Touch 2013

Alumni Council 2013-2014


I’m a Father, a Mother
A friend and protector
But today I also became
An Alumni Director

If you’re wondering today
What it is that we do
We’re here to connect you now
And in the future too

My name is Ernie
And the reason I ran
Was because I am so aligned
With the Alumni plan

So if you ask me again
What we are all about
Then you’ll just have to stay in contact
And check us out


Get involved
I’d like it very much
If you would just consider
Stayin’ in touch

So don’t be afraid
To get in my face
Cuz Mohawk College
Is THE happening place

So don’t forget
To stop and say
That Mohawk College
Moulded who you are today

 So now that you figured
Out how you evolved
Revisit Mohawk College
And stay involved

 - Ernie Vidovic (Council Member '11- '13)

Interested in joining the Alumni Council, contact us.


Council - Gary


Council - Sandra Ireland

Gary Nelson
Business Administration, 1985

Marcine Blake
Vice Chair
Recreation & Leisure Services, 1987

Sandra Ireland
Past Chair
Nursing, 1990

Council - Samara Bartels

Council - Dana McNamee

Council - Erin Kimbell

Samara Young
Police Foundations, 2004

Dana Jacobs
Business Marketing, 2006

Erin Kimbell
Business Marketing, 2007

Council - Jody Matheson


 Council - Sera Nicosia

Jody Matheson
Advertising, 1994

Darren Hardenbrook
Transportation Engineering Technology, 1995

Sera Nicosia
Nursing, 1981

Sara Kinnear Headshot 2013

Alan Griffiths Headshot - Alumni Council

Sara Kinnear
Recreation & Leisure, 1989

Alan Griffiths
Environmental Technician, 2009



Photo unavailable

Photo unavailable

Jackie Fulton
President, Mohawk College Association of Continuing Education Students, 2013-2014

Ryan Chow
President, Mohawk Students Association,