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Alumni Council 2015-2016

I’m a Father, a Mother, A friend and protector,
But today I also became, An Alumni Director.

If you’re wondering today, What it is that we do,
We’re here to connect you now, And in the future too.

My name is Ernie, And the reason I ran,
Was because I am so aligned, With the Alumni plan.

So if you ask me again, What we are all about,
Then you’ll just have to stay in contact, And check us out.

Get involved, I’d like it very much,
If you would just consider, Stayin’ in touch.

So don’t be afraid, To get in my face,
Cuz Mohawk College, Is THE happening place.

So don’t forget, To stop and say,
That Mohawk College, Moulded who you are today.

So now that you figured, Out how you evolved,
Revisit Mohawk College, And stay involved.

Ernie Vidovic (Council Member '11- '13)

Marcine BlakeMarcine Blake
Recreation Leadership, 1987
Linda RourkeLinda Rourke
Broadcasting - Television & Communications Media, 1990
Gary NelsonGary Nelson
Business Administration, 1985
Linda RourkeLorenzo Somma
Small Business & Entrepreneurship, 2013
Alan GriffithsAlan Griffiths
Environmental Technician, 1999
Sera NicosiaSera Nicosia
Nursing, 1981
Joanne BrohmanJoanne Brohman
Recreation Leadership, 1983
Jay HaywardJay Hayward
Business Administration, 1999
Lisa DiCesareLisa DiCesare
Law & Security Administration, 1981
Joseph FutinoJoseph Futino
Computer Systems Technology, 1994
Kerry LangfordKerry Langford
Business Administration, 1982
Luke Baylis
President, Mohawk Students Association,

Interested in joining Alumni Council?

If you are interested in joining the Alumni Council, pleasecontact us.