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Language Intrepreter Training

Program Overview

Start Date: Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2017
School: Continuing Education Creative and Visual Arts / Interdisciplinary Studies
Campus: Fennell
Delivery: Classroom and Online Learning
Accreditation: Acknowledgement of Completion

Program Description

Obtain the training you need to become a spoken language interpreter. There is a growing need for skilled interpreters within the legal, health care, and social service sectors. Benefit from a solid introduction to interpreting theory, with skills development practice in consecutive interpreting, sight translation and note taking, simultaneous interpreting, standards of practice, and more. The program will benefit individuals interested in a career in interpreting, and those already working as interpreters who wish to upgrade their skills and obtain a college credential.


  • Employment opportunity
  • Personal enrichment/growth
  • Provide skills and knowledge necessary to delivery effective interpreter services in the legal, health care, domestic violence and social service areas and school sectors
  • Provide training in the standards of practices and ethical principles
  • Developing the skills on a professional level in consecutive, sight translation, simultaneous interpreting, note-taking, telephone protocol, shadowing, whispering and their application in various settings
  • Hands-on training to relevant situations - opportunity to apply their skills
  • Learn skills on listening, memory retention, vocabulary and terminology
  • Feedback on your interpreting performance

Admissions Requirements

Minimum Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent

  • Fluency (reading, writing, speaking) in English as well as a second language.

Note: This program is intended for students who have attained an excellent proficiency in English and a second language.

How to Register

Methods of payment are: Cash, Cheque, Money Order, Debit, VISA or MasterCard.

For registration options click here.

Program of Studies

In addition you must successfully complete a Competency Test (CILSAT or ILSAT) administered by a provincial agency. This mandatory testing is recommended to be taken after the fourth course - LANG10034 and must be completed prior to registration in the sixth course - LANG10036. NOTE: Any associated expenses are the full responsibility of the student.

Testing can be arranged through Mohawk College. Contact us for details.

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
LANG10031 Introduction to Spoken Language Interpreting 30
LANG10032 Consecutive Interpreting 30
LANG10033 Skills Development - Sight Translation 30
LANG10034 Skills Development - Simultaneous Interpreting 30
LANG10035 Setting Specific Interpreting 36
LANG10036 Capstone Course, Skills Integration 30

Note: Online Delivery

Please use either the Firefox browser or the Google chrome browser to ensure that the audio and tutorial recordings work.

How do I apply for Acknowledgement of Completion?

When you receive your final grades for all your mandatory courses in a program, you may request your Acknowledgement of Completion. Click here to request your Acknowledgment of Completion.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Comply with the professional standards of practice and ethical principles for spoken language interpreting in typical interpreting settings
  • Usage of proper vocabulary and terminology in both languages of interpretation to support accuracy in a variety of typical interpreting settings
  • Perform consecutive, sight translation, simultaneous interpreting which maintains the integrity of source information in a variety of typical settings
  • Apply appropriate problem solving and communication strategies in responding to typical challenges which arise in providing interpreting services

Career Outcomes

  • Entry level employment working with a variety of agencies in the various community sectors
  • Opportunity to be placed on various rosters throughout the community
  • Opportunity in private commercial interpretation, tourism industry, online interpretation