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Ward Clerk Certificate

Program Overview

Start Date: Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2017
School: Business
Program Number: 163
Campus: -
Delivery: Online
Accreditation: Mohawk College Certificate

Program Description

This program is designed to provide the training necessary to obtain the basic skills to be employed as a hospital ward clerk/secretary. All courses are available online. Medical keyboarding (KEYB10005) is strongly recommended to increase your employment opportunities.


  • Ensures medical records, laboratory reports, radiological images, and other patient records are properly completed and secured, but readily available to physicians, nurses and other health care providers
  • Has a critical role in ensuring optimal and safe patient care, enabling medical and nursing staff to do their work efficiently and in compliance with hospital policies and procedures
  • Ward clerks perform clerical work at the nurse's station of a hospital or nursing unit. Their work allows nurses to spend more time on patient care
  • Ward clerks do most of the paperwork for their nursing unit. They keep records on the patients and on the ward's hospital staff. They may perform other routine clerical duties. Clerks also act as receptionists for their ward. They answer the telephone and direct visitors to patients' rooms. Sometimes ward clerks also do other jobs, such as ordering supplies or taking mail or flowers to patients

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 diploma, including Grade 12 English comprehension, reading and writing, or equivalency
  • Basic computer skills
  • Experience in the health care setting is always an asset
  • Medical Keyboarding (KEYB10005) is strongly recommended

How to Register

Registration is open to all students. For registration options click here.

Program of Studies

This program of study applies to students starting Fall 2015. Students currently in progress should contact us regarding a strategy for completion.

Click on the course title for a course description.

NOTE: Medical Terminology II – Pronunciation is not equivalent to Medical Terminology 2 – OADMOA324

How do I apply to Graduate?

When you receive your final grades for all mandatory courses in a program, you may request your Certificate. Click here for more information.

Ward Clerk related courses

Course Number Course Name Course Hours Prerequisites Equivalent
MGMT10039 Essentials in Health Records Management 36    
BUSN10138  Health Office Foundations  60     
KEYB10005 Medical Keyboarding 42 HSCI10003  
OADM10018 Medical Office Procedures 45    
OADM10010 Medical OHIP Billing 42 HSCI10003 INSROA350
OADM10008 Office Technology and Procedures  56    
HSCI10152 Styles and Practices of Medical Transcription 42 KEYB10005, HSCI10003 and COMMLL041  

Ward Clerk Related Course Descriptions

Essentials In Health Records Management - MGMT10039

Learn professional record keeping practices with emphasis on filing, numbering and retention, qualitative analysis, confidentiality, reimbursements, regulatory and accrediting agencies and alternate health care systems.

Health Office Foundations - BUSN10138

Focus on personal and organizational skills required in a health care setting. Examine the health record with a major emphasis on confidentiality and the legal aspects of health information documentation and learn to effectively carry out the role of assisting with administration while in the employ of a nursing unit or health care office.

Medical Keyboarding - KEYB10005

Increase your knowledge of specific terms and improve keyboarding speed and accuracy. Includes case histories, a variety of medical reports, technical terminology and timed writings. Prerequisites: Comprehending Medical Terms and Diagnoses and keyboarding skills of 30 net words per minute.

Medical Office Procedures - OADM10018

You will cover administrative and clerical functions including patient reception, scheduling appointments, telephone procedures, medical reports management and charting of progress notes. The Canada Health Act is introduced as well as OHIP and the principles of OHIP billing.

Medical OHIP Billing - OADM10010

Study the basics of efficient Health Claim Billing in Ontario. Learn to use the Schedule of Benefits and Preambles of the Ministry of Health and examine computerized billing. Software note compatible with MAC computer. Equivalent to Health Insurance Billing (INSROA350). Prerequisite: Comprehending Medical Terms and Diagnosis (HSCI10003).

Office Technology and Procedures - OADM10008

Develop skills for the modern office including Internet research and reporting, e-mail, telecommunications, customer service, record management and more. Equivalent to OADM10015 (Administrative Office Procedures).

Styles and Practices of Medical Transcription - HSCI10152

Learn to apply standards of style, formatting and grammar in transcribing medical documentation. The CD ROM included with the workbook provides practice opportunities in applying the standards unique to healthcare. Prerequisites: Medical Keyboarding (KEYB10005), Comprehending Medical Terms and Diagnosis (HSCI10003) and Communications (COMMLL041). NOT equivalent to Medical Transcribing 1(OADMOA352). 

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand the language and terminology in a health-care setting and gain proficiency in medical terminology pronunciation
  • Students will understand common medical conditions and medical test
  • Students will develop an understanding of how drugs work, drug classifications, methods of administration and the major drug groups affecting various body systems
  • Students will develop knowledge of common surgical procedures to educate patients about appropriate pre-and post-surgery requirements
  • Communication skills will be enhanced and an emphasis on verbal and nonverbal communication including ethical behaviour, confidentiality procedures, and stress management will be covered

Career Outcomes

Industries of Employment:

With the skills and knowledge you will receive in these courses, you will be eligible to work in:

  • Doctors' offices
  • Health clinics
  • Health care organizations
  • Hospitals

Occupational Categories:

Ward clerks are also referred to as ward, unit, or floor secretaries, assistants, or administrative assistants


For more information on the program, click here.

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