Professional Development Mentoring Program


Brought to you by the Human Resources Department


This year long pilot program connects staff that are at different stages of their careers and provides opportunities for participants to learn, network, build on a variety of skills and get connected with others in the Mohawk community. Through one-on-one confidential conversations the mentee is encouraged and challenged to achieve their potential and aspirations.


Benefits to the Mentee

  • Gain new skills and the opportunity to practice them in a structured setting
  • Enhance personal effectiveness through informal feedback
  • Receive practical knowledge, expertise and experience
  • Goal driven, customized learning
  • Professional support and encouragement from the mentor
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of broader College system and how it works
  • Gain exposure to new ideas, external thinking and resources, within Mohawk
  • Solidify career goals

Benefits to the Mentor

  • Development of mentoring skills
  • Increased knowledge of the Mohawk College system
  • Learning from mentee and mentoring experience
  • An opportunity to share leadership and to give back

Benefits for the College

  • Benefits from highly-engaged, well-rounded employees in both roles
  • Supports increased employee satisfaction
  • Commitment to excellence and professional development
  • Learning and professional growth for both partners with little cost to the College beyond the time investment

How It Works

The pilot program will be launched in April 2016, and will run until April 2017. During this first year, the program will accept a limited number of participants. Participants will be expected to commit approximately 1 hour to the monthly touch points and encouraged to attend the following events:

  • Networking Event
  • Mentor & Mentee specific orientation sessions
  • Informal meetings (scheduled by the mentee and mentor)
  • Feedback meetings with program manager
  • Program Closing Event

How to Apply

Please submit your application by completing the electronic forms below.

Applications can also be completed by using the fillable forms under the Resources section and submitted to the attention of Alexandra Goodbrand in room F102.


If you are interested in this program and would like to learn more please contact emily.guthro1 [at] (subject: Mentoring%20Program) (Emily Guthro)  Professional Development Consultant.