Financial Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

What is a financial assistance bursary?
A bursary is financial assistance given to students who demonstrate financial need. The bursary is provided to assist students with education cost.
Bursary funds are limited and are not intended to fund a student's full education cost. Students must meet qualifying guidelines and/or criteria to be considered.

Can I apply for financial assistance if I am a first year student?
Yes, students who are planning to attend or are currently registered and can demonstrate financial need are eligible to apply.

What type of financial assistance is available to part-time daytime students?
The Part-time Ontario Student Assistance Program (PT-OSAP) (opens new window) is available to students who are taking 20-59 percent of a full-course load.
Students registered through the Accessibility Learning Services (ALS) can apply for the PT-OSAP if taking 20-39 percent course load

Am I eligible for financial assistance if I did not apply for OSAP?
Yes, students are still eligible for financial assistance if not receiving OSAP. However, there is an expectation that applicants first access the OSAP program (or government funding from their home province, if not a resident of Ontario).

When will I find out if I am receiving financial assistance?
You should check your MOCOmotion email regularly for information related to your application. Reviews start after the online application is closed and will be on-going throughout the semester.

Is a bursary considered to be income?
Yes. Bursaries are considered to be part of a student's taxable income for the year by Canada Revenue Agency. The College will issue T4A forms to all bursary recipients for each tax year a student receives financial assistance.

What if I receive financial assistance and then withdraw from my studies?
Students who withdraw from their studies will be expected to repay the bursary.

What if I am receiving government assistance from a province other than Ontario?
If you are receiving government assistance from a province other than Ontario, submit a copy of your Student Loan Notice of Assessment or Notification of Award with your application letter.

Can I receive more than one bursary based on my financial need?
Students are normally eligible to apply for one source of financial assistance funding per semester.

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Did you know...

  • You may be eligible to appeal your OSAP assessment. Contact your Financial Aid Advisor for more information.
  • Dropping courses/units or withdrawing from studies can have a considerable impact on your current and future OSAP entitlement. Check out the Early Withdrawal Information PDF (opens PDF, 75kb) for more information. See a Financial Assistance Advisor before making this decision.
  • We offer a Campus Employment Program for students who feel they can work part-time during the academic semester and can demonstrate financial need.

For more information, contact the Financial Assistance Office