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mHealth & eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC)

The Mohawk mHealth & eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC) provides testing, teaming, tooling and training services for organizations and companies in the healthcare IT sector.

MEDIC helps Canadian businesses, especially small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) develop and commercialize innovative healthcare IT products and provides a centre of excellence for organizations undertaking interconnected healthcare projects. Through MEDIC, clients can access a working eHealth ecosystem, including the technology, know-how and industry contacts that are necessary in the development and commercialization of new health IT innovations. As an online "living-lab" environment, MEDIC allows stakeholders to work through a significant part of their development in a cost-effective, secure, efficient manner.

MEDIC provides:

  • A collaborative environment for stakeholders to work together
  • Access to expert design and implementation assistance for stakeholders
  • Access to specifications, system documentation repositories and best practice guidance and tooling
  • Access to an online, sandboxed version of the eHealth ecosystem where health care providers and software vendors begin their interface work safely and cost-efficiently
  • Interface compliance testing process based on regulatory standards and guidelines
  • Just-in-time training for health system personnel requiring assistance with new concepts