iDeaWORKS connects you directly with industry so you can gain valuable real world skills and work experience.

At iDeaWORKS, Mohawk students play an important role in driving innovation and discovery. Our goal is to help you apply what you learn in the classroom and make an impact in your field.

With iDeaWORKS, you'll be able to:

  • Participate in experiential learning opportunities
  • Work with industry leaders on real projects
  • Utilize emerging technology
  • Gain new knowledge and skills
  • Prepare to launch your own product as an entrepreneur

Interested? Here’s how you can be part of research and innovation at Mohawk:

Co-op placement: You can be paid to work on applied research and innovation projects during a four-month co-op term. iDeaWORKS co-op opportunities are posted on the CareerReady portal, which is now accessible through MOCOmotion. For these placements, you may work in a lab on-campus or you may be required to work off-site.

Course release: Mohawk makes it possible for students in their senior semesters to select one or two optional courses in their academic workload from which they are released. You are then enrolled in a project-based Applied Research Course (one for each course from which you are released) and can work under the supervision of a faculty and staff member on current iDeaWORKS projects. Contact iDeaWORKS directly to get connected with a researcher.

In-class projects: Currently enrolled Mohawk students can participate in applied research and innovation projects if the professor decides to incorporate them into the course curriculum. Students in senior semesters can also participate in applied research through capstone projects. You can learn more about your options by speaking with your professors about what projects may be available.

Support for entrepreneurs: Are you interested in starting or growing your own business? SURGE, Mohawk's Entrepreneurship connection, in collaboration with iDeaWORKS, provides mentorship, pitch competitions and workshops for young entrepreneurs looking to explore new ideas. SURGE schedules events throughout the academic year.

Attend events: iDeaWORKS keeps a calendar of events related to technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.