Mohawk students and faculty from any program of study are encouraged to pursue their ideas and interests.


Students can participate in iDeaWORKS projects through the following channels.


Craig Clark, Software Development

Craig is a co-op student at iDeaWORKS; he's currently working with the Microsoft Kinect and he's learning a lot about 3D modelling and developing for emergent technology. He enjoys learning about and interacting with new technologies.

Terrence Cook, Software Development

Before coming to Mohawk, Terry worked with a kennel of English Fox Hounds and also spent time helping the SPCA. After suffering an injury, he started experimenting with software development and found that he really enjoyed it, and decided to pursue a career in the field. And he's on that path as a co-op student at iDeaWORKS working on software documentation and testing for the Electronic Health Records (EHR) project. He also develops applications for the Microsoft Surface. When he's not learning new technology, Terry plays the harmonica and spends time on his farm.

Jory Ohayon, Graphic Design

Adam Sutch, Software Development

Adam is a co-op student at iDeaWORKS. He's currently developing mobile applications for industry partners. A former transit employee, Adam returned to post-secondary education because of his passion for technology.

Lloyd Waddell, Software Development

Lloyd is a co-op student at iDeaWORKS who has been developing an online trivia game called Outsmart. He's participated in quality assurance, analytics and the development of a player rating system. He's focused on web development. When he's not coding, you can find him playing the guitar or gaming. He's also been developing a free-to-play online stat-based role playing game (RPG).

Ken Wong - studentKen Wong, Integrated Animation

Ken Wong is currently enrolled in the Integrated Animation program at Mohawk College. Right now he's working on a number of projects, ranging from mobile application user interfaces to web commercials. In his spare time, Ken likes to draw, create animations and 3D models and read comics.


Duane Bender - facultyDuane Bender, Professor, Software Engineering Technology

Duane Bender is a licensed Professional Software Engineer (P.Eng.) and enterprise technology architect with nearly 20 years of practical experience in software engineering and systems development. His work has primarily involved the design and construction of large-scale, high-performance distributed software and systems for eBusiness and eHealth. Mr. Bender is currently the Principal Investigator for the Applied Research program at Mohawk College. The focuses on the application of information technology to healthcare ("eHealth"). With the sponsorship of NSERC, Mohawk is currently building a reference implementation of the national electronic health care record system architecture as published by Canada Health Infoway. A team led by Duane created and published the Mohawk College App which is currently available on the Apple iTunes Store. Duane Bender currently holds a faculty position as Professor of Software Engineering Technology at Mohawk College and is currently completing post-graduate work in the area of Software Engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Brian Minaji, Professor, Software Engineering Technology

After graduating from the Software Program at Mohawk College, Brian spent 15 years developing software and managing Information Technology projects in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, financial services and food services. He became a Professor at Mohawk in 2001 so he could share his enthusiasm for technology and industry experience. He is the curriculum team lead for the Software programs and enjoys teaching and developing courses in .NET and SQL. In 2009, Brian was the Mohawk recipient of Excellence in Education Award from the Industry Education Council of Hamilton. He is a founding member of the Mohawk Applied Research project team at iDeaWORKS and continues to be involved in various research initiatives.


Paul Brown

Paul trains iDeaWORKS students to develop and test software for the pan-Canadian electronic health records system (EHRS) in partnership with Canada Health Infoway. He also helps independent software developers who have partnered with iDeaWORKS integrate and adapt their technology to the standards developed by Infoway. A recent Mohawk graduate, Paul was drawn to the applied research program as a student because he had the chance to work on relevant projects with tangible, meaningful outcomes. Now he gets to bring about these outcomes full-time: one of the most rewarding aspects of his job, according to Paul, is working with both both people and software. Paul engages his students by encouraging them to take leading roles in problem solving and by adapting his teaching style to meet the needs of students from different age groups and skill levels.

Pamela Hensley - staffPamela Hensley, Director, Research and Innovation

Pamela is the Director of Research and Innovation for iDeaWORKS. Her background includes commercial strategy work at Vodafone in Germany and for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in the US. She is a gritLIT committee member and was thrilled at the chance help create a new channel to promote this wonderful literary event in Hamilton.