Business Writing Skills

Acknowledgement of Completion
Business Writing Student working on a laptop.

Gain skills in specific writing techniques including business plans, proposals, marketing plans and sales materials.

  • Develop an effective business plan
  • Produce a quality proposal
  • Understand the skills necessary to write on the web
  • Write a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Produce quality sales and promotional materials
Program Contact
Continuing Education Media and Creative Arts
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent (Mohawk Academic Upgrading, GED) OR 19 years of age or older.
Course Number Course Name Hours
COMM10295 Writing a Business Plan 24
COMM10296 Writing a Proposal 24
COMM10297 Writing Skills for the Web 42
COMM10298 Writing a Marketing Plan 24
COMM10299 Writing a Sales Materials 24

Course Descriptions

Writing a Business Plan - COMM10295

Step-by-step instruction in preparing an effective business plan to help you clearly express your unique selling position. Research market potential, develop customer profiles, prepare a financial plan with 12 and 24 month cash flow projections, and determine your initial advertising and promotion strategies.

Writing a Proposal - COMM10296

A project-based course that will systematically guide you through the entire process of producing a proposal.

Writing Skills for the Web - COMM10297

Examine specific issues and skills in writing for emphasis and visual impact, the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimized) writing, sourcing images and video and simple techniques for incorporating them with text.

Writing a Marketing Plan - COMM10298

Learn the fundamental skills and use templates to complete a comprehensive marketing plan by focusing on the core concepts required to address product positioning, pricing, promotion, and place of distribution - the four P's of Marketing.

Writing for Sales Materials - COMM10299

Examine the craft of persuasive writing as it applies to sales letters and promotional material. Analyze the logical and rhetorical structure of effective sales material and apply these strategies to your work. The media's use of literary techniques such as allusion and irony are examined as you practice the use of such techniques in persuading target audiences.