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Why Mohawk?

With excellence in HealthTechnology, Business, Skilled Trades, Community Services and Communication Arts, Mohawk is known for preparing smart, experienced and very employable grads. 

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5 reasons to choose Mohawk

  1. We're the #1 college in student satisfaction in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) for the 6th consecutive year*. We take student success seriously.
  2. We're the #1 college in graduate satisfaction and graduate employment rates in the GTHA for the 4th consecutive year. Mohawk grads get jobs — 86% find employment within 6 months of graduating*.
  3. 1,000+ community and industry partners are helping us transform students into job-ready graduates through collaborative labs, co-op work terms, field placements and applied research projects. We’re well connected.
  4. 1st among large colleges in volunteer engagement — 34% of our students participate in volunteer activities every week (that's one-third of our student population)*. At Mohawk we encourage community and civic responsibility, which helps our grads become community leaders.
  5. $100 million spent on campus renovations and updates over the past six years. We’re building the foundations for student success by providing access to the best learning facilities and technology

*2015-2016 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Student and Graduate Satisfaction Survey

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Additional Information

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Our graduates leave us equipped with five key Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO’s). According to our employers these ILO’s differentiate our graduates, providing them with the added skills needed to be successful in any job.


92.2% in Overall Employer Satisfaction for oral communication

Mohawk Graduates will communicate effectively with others of diverse backgrounds, values and personalities to develop meaningful relationships, share knowledge, manage conflict, solve problems, and foster positive change.


94.4% in Overall Employer Satisfaction for team work

Mohawk Graduates will collaborate productively across networks to enhance knowledge, generate innovative ideas, resolve challenges and respond to change.

Critical Thinkers

90.2% in Overall Employer Satisfaction for critical thinking

Mohawk Graduates will use creativity and problem solving skills to make informed decisions, assess risk, and take appropriate, timely action.

Continuous Learners

92.2% in Overall Employer Satisfaction for adaptability

Mohawk Graduates will develop practical, occupation-specific knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as have the capacity to use learning technologies to stay current, pursue professional development, and personal renewal opportunities.

Responsible Citizens

94.1% in Overall Employer Satisfaction for responsibility

Mohawk Graduates will apply personal, professional and social practices to promote physical, economic, mental and emotional well-being as well as foster civic engagement.

Helping You Succeed

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive, we offer a wide range of services aimed at helping students succeed while here at Mohawk College.

You’ll find general administrative help, healthcare, counselling, academic and technical services and more. How can we help you? For a full list of services visit Student Life.


It’s hard to prepare to step out into the world if you’re training in the past. All Mohawk College campuses are equipped with current, leading technology and state-of-the-art facilities. In addition, many programs in Health Sciences, Engineering Technology, Skilled Trades, Media and more are enhanced with exceptional on-the-job training opportunities.


A top performing college is fueled and driven by a committed, passionate and accomplished faculty. And Mohawk’s success all begins with the professors, instructors and teachers who share their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm on a daily basis.

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At Mohawk, research and development is an important building block that we consider when designing and evaluating programs. We believe the experience earned, the industry connections made and the exposure to cutting edge thinking that is built in to these projects, make R&D an exciting aspect of our curriculum.


Mohawk has full- and part-time programs at the following accreditation levels:

  • Ontario College Advanced Diploma (OCAD)
  • Ontario College Diploma (OCD)
  • Ontario College Graduate Certificate (OCGC)
  • Ontario College Certificate (OCC)
  • Mohawk College Certificate (MCC)

Mohawk College also offers Collaborative Degrees (jointly with McMaster University); and we offer pathways to university that allow you to make up for missed pre-requisites, upgrade your learning skills or complete high school equivalency for many fields of study.

Continuing Education

Whether you want to train, upgrade, change careers, or just learn something new, Mohawk makes sense of it all with hundreds of flexible courses and programs designed for you.

Continuing Education programs offer:

  • Flexibility to study in-class, on-line or a combination of both
  • Applied curriculum taught by professionals working in the field
  • Courses that reflect the latest strategies, processes and technologies in use in business today

Learn more about Continuing Education

Our Program Areas


Further (or foster) your healthy obsession.
As a hub for healthcare education, Mohawk offers an amazing array of programs. Whether you’re just starting out, searching for a new career path, or looking to specialize within your field, Health Sciences at Mohawk offers programs aimed at the realization of career goals.

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Technically Speaking.
It’s the state of the art in cutting edge. Stay current and connected to an industry defined by the crazy pace at which it advances. Find yourself in a career in Engineering or any of a broad spectrum of technology fields offered in our certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and degree programs.

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McKeil School of Business

At Mohawk, we mean business.
The world is all about opportunity. In Business at Mohawk you can write your career path or build upon your skills in a long list of programs that takes you from business concept to winning execution and beyond. The McKeil School of Business prepares students for an exciting career in the evolving world of business, with certificate, diploma and advanced diploma programs in management, administration, and graduate and professional studies.

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Learn more about the McKeil School of Business

Skilled Trades & Apprenticeships

Trade up. There’s a whole new career in the works.
At our Stoney Creek Campus, in our state-of-the-art workshops, you’ll build your skills in an exciting range of trade-based careers. Or upgrade your skills to improve your opportunities. Our hands on approach works. (And so do our grads.)

Are you interested in trades but not sure which path is best for you?

Postsecondary Skilled Trades Programs
Your pathway into a trade can begin through a postsecondary trades-related program. These Ontario college credential programs help you learn more about a trade and often cover a large percentage of the in-school training needed.

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs
If you are looking to get started, a pre-apprenticeship program introduces a spectrum of in-demand skilled trades that can lead to specialist programs, in a broad range of industries. The pre-apprenticeship programs have been designed to support the first level of in-school training needed.

Apprenticeship Programs
Apprenticeship training is an agreement between a person wishing to learn a skill and an employer who can provide the environment for skills training. Apprenticeship training is an agreement between a person wishing to learn a skill and an employer who can provide the environment for skills training. To become a certified journeyperson, one requires on-the-job experience and in-school training by an approved trainer. After completing their in-school training, apprentices receive a Certification of Apprenticeship. When apprentices pass the MTCU exam, they receive a Certification of Qualification.

View Our Complete List of Programs

Learn more about Skilled Trades & Apprenticeships

Community Services

To serve your community, start by joining ours.
Mohawk’s programs in the Community Services’ industry prepares students for careers in fields relating to psychology, social service work, physical therapy, community development, addictions, policing, education support within schools boards and many of the other community-focused skills. Prepare for a rewarding career through our wide range of programs.

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Communication Arts

It’s time to create your future.
An inspiring collection of influences can be found within Mohawk’s Communication Arts Programs. Explore interests in applied arts, advertising, journalism, radio, graphic design, computer animation, music, and more! Our programs are designed to open your eyes, open your mind and open some doors.

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Preparatory Studies

Pathways – this way forward.
After high school, many students discover areas of interest only to realize they don’t have the prerequisites or skills to pursue their dreams. Our prep programs offer students the opportunity to sharpen their skills to meet college and university admission requirements; to get comfortable learning at the postsecondary level; and help launch them towards their career dreams.

A preparatory program is a first step towards a career or life goal and many who complete the program then continue their journey along the impressive selection of pathways available at Mohawk College including apprenticeships, diploma and advanced diploma programs, collaborative degrees, degree transfers, graduate studies and more.

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Graduate & Professional Studies

Programs that help you advance your career.
Whether you’re looking to accelerate your career, explore a specialty in your field, or change your career path altogether, Mohawk is here to help you achieve your goals.

Graduate & Professional Studies provide full- and part-time programs offered in the areas of Health, Technology, Business, Skilled Trades and Community Services.

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Pathways & Credit Transfers

It’s your education. It should take you wherever you want to go.
Of course we love it when students find Mohawk College right out of high school, know exactly what they want to study, have every pre-requisite for their programs, and then enroll, graduate and achieve fame and fortune in their chosen fields. But, in reality, it’s rarely such a straight line for students. We’re here to help students, understand the options available as they discover new interests and passions.

Learn more about our Pathways & Credit Transfer options

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