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Mohawk is renowned for it's 'real-world' applied innovation culture, and provides future ready graduates with the skills required for today and the ability to prosper from tomorrow's opportunities. Below you will find links and resources to help guide you in choosing the right program, be it a postsecondary course or be upgrading your English skills.


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About Hamilton

City of Hamilton (Website (opens new window))

One in four people in Hamilton were born outside of Canada and are from a ride range of countries. The most common countries of origin among recent immigrants are: 

  • Hamilton is a very safe city made up of smaller, older communities. It provides rich, luscious scenery and a wonderful, culturally diverse setting.
  • Hamilton, Ontario is located just one hour's drive south of Toronto, an hour drive north of Niagara Falls, and is a wonderful city to live, work and study in.


Hamilton Ontario, Canada: Fast Facts

  • Although the city is culturally diverse, English is the primary spoken language in our community.
  • Hamilton has the tenth largest population of all Canadian cities and the fourth largest of all Ontario cities, preceded by Toronto, Ottawa, and Mississauga.
  • Hamilton is home to a hockey team (The Bulldogs (opens new window)) and a football team (The Tiger-Cats (opens new window)) and has many parks, museums, attractions and recreational areas.
  • There are more than 230,000 landed immigrants in Hamilton; that's 23.5 % of the city's population! Most immigrants are from UK, Italy, India, Poland, and Portugal (2011, Source: Statistics Canada, National Household Survey)


Common Home Countries for New Immigrants to Hamilton

One in four people in Hamilton were born outside of Canada and are from a wide range of countries. The most common countries of origin among recent immigrants are: (Source: Hamilton - Population and Density (opens new window))

  • Philippines
  • China
  • India
  • Iraq
  • United States of America
  • Colombia
  • Pakistan
  • United Kingdom



Although it is often believed that Canada is very cold, this is not the case. The weather is inviting for many months of the year, and spring/fall seasons provide a beautiful backdrop to study in.

Weather Trends - Hamilton Ontario (℃) - See What The Weather Is Right Now (opens new window)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
-5 -5 0 6 13 18 21 20 16 9 4 -2


Finding A Place To Live

There are several different places that you can go to find a place to stay. The college offers


Places Of Interest


Canadian Currency

The Canadian money system is similar to the American and Australian currency system; it is broken into dollars and cents. A chart below outlines the coins and bills used in Canada.

BILLS       COINS    
Denomination Colour Value   Name Colour Value
One-Hundred Brown 100.00   Tooney Silver & Brass 2.00
Fifty Red 50.00   Looney Brass 1.00
Twenty Green 20.00   Quarter Silver 0.25
Ten Purple 10.00   Dime Silver 0.10
Five Blue 5.00   Nickel Silver 0.05
        Penny (Discontinued) Copper 0.01


Sales Taxes

The Ontario and Canadian tax system can be confusing at first, but is easy to get used to. There is one type of sales taxes in Ontario, the Federal and Provincial taxes are combined in the HST. It is broken down for you below:

  • Food purchases that are not prepared: There is no tax on these purchases
  • Prepared food purchased under $4.00: 5% GST is added to the price of the product
  • All other purchases: HST (13%) is added to the price of the product

For example, if a product's price tag at a store is $5.00, the real cost of the item will be $5.65 after the sales taxes are applied to the purchase.