Meet the Community Access and Engagement Team

Meet our team!

City School Team Photo

Emily Ecker

Emily Ecker, Manager
As Manager of Community Access and Engagement, Emily brings extensive experience in developing community based partnerships. For over 20 years, Emily has been committed to improving access to education and employment in the Hamilton community. With a background in Business and Education, Emily has been instrumental in the development of projects such as City School by Mohawk, the Community Integration through Co-operative Education program, and leads the School College Work Initiative for Mohawk. Contact emily.ecker [at] (Emily) if you are looking for an opportunity to collaborate with Mohawk College on community-based initiatives!

Vanessa Crawford

Vanessa Crawford, Learning Connector
Vanessa joined the Community Access and Engagement team in September 2015. With her many experiences in an administrative role, Vanessa is an organized, enthusiastic team player. She enjoys supporting community based activities and working on dual credit programs. If you have any questions regarding City School, please email vanessa.crawford [at] (Vanessa). She is always happy to hear from you!


Sarah Harvie

Sarah Harvie, Community Mobilizer
Sarah began in Community Access and Engagement in May of 2015, and has been part of the City School team since the beginning! She has a background in education with a focus on working with diverse populations including community work and instruction for individuals with developmental disabilities. Sarah has had multiple roles at the College including teaching for the Community Integration through Cooperative Education program and School of Liberal Studies. You’ll often find her out in the community at Hub meetings, Open Tables, and other community events in this great city we call Hamilton. Reach out to sarah.harvie1 [at] (Sarah) to find out more about City School.

Natalie Shearer

Natalie Shearer, Training Specialist 
Natalie joined the Community Access and Engagement team in September of 2015. She’s passionate about her work with City School and projects related to language studies. With a background in adult education and community development, Natalie is always looking for ways to bring relevant learning opportunities to Hamilton neighbourhoods. Chat with natalie.shearer [at] (Natalie) about City School, language programs, and immigrant services at Mohawk.


Lauren Soluk

Lauren Soluk, Training Specialist 
Lauren has been part of the Community Access and Engagement team since July 2015. With a love for creativity and hands-on team building, she enjoys engaging in arts-based and trades-based programming. You can find her connecting with outside organizations, building partnerships and connecting Mohawk to the community. When she’s not out and about, you will find her spending time with the Academic Upgrading program at Mohawk, a cost-free Employment Ontario initiative designed to upgrade adult literacy and math skills. Contact lauren.soluk [at] (Lauren) if you’re interested to learn more about Mohawk in the community, City School, and Academic Upgrading.