Broadcasting - Television and Communications Media - 651

Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Three years
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! A creative real world media education with a curriculum focus that includes: production, scripting, location production, studio and mobile technical operations and post production.

Broadcasting - Television and Communications Media is a three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma program offered at Fennell Campus in Hamilton, Ontario.

Broadcasting - Television and Communications Media program is an award winning real world media education program that merges the student's artistic concepts with the technological tools.

Students produce material for a variety of different media platforms: broadcast television, websites, transmedia, corporate, documentaries and independent films. Students are engaged and connected to the media industry beginning the first semester. Mohawk College has extensive post-production courses and is the few AVID Certified College in Ontario.

By the final year of the program, students will write, produce and edit their capstone production. The students will also partake in the industry as an intern.

With their real world education, Mohawk College Broadcasting Television students graduate with strong visual communications, are knowledge focused, and have extensive development hours on the media industry crafts and applications. Our graduate success encompasses: writers, directors, editors, producers, technical producers, media management, field sound, post production sound, technical directors, graphic design, and media innovators.

Program Highlights

  • Graduate Success
  • Advanced Technical Training
  • Scripting: Documentary and Independent Production
  • Post Production: AVID Certification and Advance Audio
  • Broadcast and Media Operations
  • Production Management
  • Corporate Event and Media Production Planning
  • Studio and Mobile Operations
  • Career and Portfolio Development
  • Field Placement
  • Media Partnerships
  • Transmedia/ Emerging Media
  • Industry Speakers and Specialist Workshops[1]

Ongoing Media Opportunities for Students

  • Mohawk and McMaster Varsity Sports Coverage
  • OHL Hockey - Hamilton Bulldogs
  • Newscast and Location Production
  • Mobile Productions
  • Variety Shows and Events
  • Documentary and Independent Production
  • Corporate Video

Media Associations

Corporate Video Production - Goodwill Achiever of the Year 2015

Corporate Video Production - Grant Avenue Studio

BEAC National Award winning commercial production - Storm Harding from Mohawk College Media on Vimeo.


Program Coordinator

Minimum requirements for admission to the Broadcasting - Television and Communications Media Advanced Diploma program

  • OSSD or equivalent (Mohawk Academic Upgrading, GED) including:
    • Grade 12 English, C or U or equivalent (minimum 65%)
  • Applicants may be requested to provide additional information or attend informational/interview sessions
  • Prospective students should possess excellent communication skills and should demonstrate a strong interest in media production
  • Volunteer experience at a media outlet is an asset
  • Communications Technology and Media Studies secondary school courses an asset
  • Students will be required to purchase a Mac laptop through the College (Please see Laptop Requirements) and pay a digital print fee
  • A department branded shirt will need to be purchased and will be required to be worn for productions

Don't have the necessary requirements?

Additional or Technical Recommendations

Laptop Requirements for Broadcasting - Television & Communications Media

As you may be aware a mandatory laptop program has been implemented. This initiative was started by our Broadcasting Television program to enhance the student learning environment and increase student satisfaction, providing each graduate with industry leading hardware and software to assist with obtaining his or her career goals. It also reflects a trend towards convergence in the industry, in which individual field personal are routinely expected to file across several different media platforms, and edit their own material.

Mohawk College currently has a partnership agreement with Apple® Canada. We recommend that you shop on Mohawk's Custom Online Apple Store, to receive educational discounts when purchasing your new MacBook Pro. If you already own an Apple laptop which meets our minimum standard of running the required software, a new purchase will not be required.

To Access Mohawk’s Custom Online Store:

Log into your MOCOmotion account with your user name and password at: MOCOmotion. Click on the Resources tab and navigate down the left hand side to the Computer Store Channel. Once you arrive to our Mohawk College Discount store webpage, select the link at the top right corner to view a list of the MacBook Pro’s we recommend for this program.

The minimum and recommended configurations are as follows:

15" MacBook Pro

  • Processor: Intel Quad Core i7 or Quad Core Xeon processor
  • Memory:
    • 8 GB RAM minimum required to support Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere)1, background transcoding, background rendering, and Dynamic Media Folders
    • 16+ GB RAM recommended to support full-frame stereoscopic 3D, simultaneous background transcoding, Dynamic Media Folders, FrameFlex 4K workflows, Raw format AMA plug-ins, Long GOP media editing, and other high-performance workflows
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce family2 (recommended), Intel HD4000 or HD5000, or ATI Radeon family (as supported by Apple)
  • Internal hard drive: Minimum 250 GB 7200 rpm SATA drive, 128 GB SSD

Required Software

  1. Avid Media Composer (latest release version at time of purchase) - approx. $299
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud - roughly $22 CDN per month
  3. Microsoft Office - Free (Provided by the College)
  4. Celtex - Free Online (script, storyborad)

It is strongly recommended that students purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan, which is included with the recommend system by default. You will require the use of your MacBook Pro for day-to-day productivity and any potential downtime could have a significant impact on your academic success. AppleCare will ensure that you will have the best possible experience with your new MacBook Pro, especially if something out of the ordinary should happen. However, if you do not wish to purchase AppleCare, you can remove AppleCare from the bundle using the Remove button in the cart.

If the purchase of these tools presents a challenge for you, contact the tracey.kadish [at] (Program Coordinator) to discuss your options.

Academic Opportunities

For transfer opportunities, visit Pathways and Credit Transfer

Career Opportunities

The Broadcasting - Television and Communications Media Advanced Diploma program trains students for a wide array of career opportunities. Broadcast careers may involve the following:

Industries of Employment:

  • Broadcasting and Telecommunications
  • Professional, Business and Technical Services
  • Video and Audio Production
  • Audio and Video Post-Production, Editing and Graphics

Occupational Categories:

  • Writers, Producers and Directors for Television and Video Production
  • Production and Operational positions in the Broadcast Industry
  • Post-production Editor, Graphics Operator and Sound Engineer
  • Independent Video Production

Course Overview & Descriptions

Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes, often referred to as ‘Program Standards', set out the essential learning that a student must achieve before being deemed ready to graduate.

In many cases these program learning outcomes were developed by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) in consultation with employers and educators who are experts in the program field. To ensure the outcomes remain current and in line with industry needs, we invite our employers, graduates working in the field and current students to re-examine and update them during regular, ongoing program review focus groups.

Additional Information

Field Placement Resources

Below are resources used by Students and Employers who participate in our student field placement activities.

Important Work Placement Dates

7-week Practicum Group 1

7-week Practicum Group 2

7-week Practicum Group 3
May-June (Note: Completing placement this late will delay graduation)

Study Week (WinterBreak)
February 29- March 4, 2016

Employer Evaluation Submission Date
Last day of student's placement

Broadcasting - Television and Communications Media


Insurance WSIB Information

Accident Insurance Coverage for Students on Unpaid Work Placement

All Mohawk College students on unpaid work placements as part of their program are covered by some form of accident insurance. It is important that we bring the following information to your attention as the unpaid work placement Host Employer.

Should an accident/incident occur, all students are covered by either WSIB or Private Insurance (based upon which method the host employer covers their regular employees) through the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Employers are not required to complete and sign the online form unless an on-the-job injury or disease has occurred. If an injury/disease does occur, then all WSIB procedures must be followed. For any questions about this process, please see the Government of Ontario (opens new window) website.

Certain requirements related to reporting the injury must be completed by the placement employer. Your cooperation is requested.

  1. Please inform Mohawk College faculty or the placement officer of the incident.
  2. If FIRST AID only is required, please complete an Accident Report (opens PDF, 83kb) form and forward it to the appropriate faculty or placement officer at Mohawk College.
  3. Complete the WSIB form on the Provincial Government (opens new window) website.
  4. If a student is injured, exposed to communicable disease or a hazardous substance and REQUIRES TREATMENT BY A PHYSICIAN, or loses time from their placement beyond date of accident or exposure, the following forms must be completed in order for that student to receive compensation:
    • Accident report at the placement or work site
    • Letter of Authorization to Represent Placement Employer (completed by Medical Services - completion of this form authorizes Mohawk College to act on behalf of placement employer when information and forms are submitted to WSIB and insurance agencies - also ensures the placement employer will not incur any costs)
  5. Completed Accident Reports should be sent by fax or mail to:

Mohawk College Medical Services
135 Fennell Avenue West
Hamilton ON L8N 3T2
Telephone: 905-575-2084
905-575-2085 FREE
FAX: 905-575-2416

Thank you for your assistance and continued interest in Mohawk College and our students

Student Placement - Insurance FAQs

For further information please contact Health Services.

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