Public Transportation

Check out the Mohawk College Transit Terminal Guide (opens PDF, 325kb)

Get your Student HSR Universal Transit Pass

The Mohawk Students' Association has partnered with the Hamilton Street Railway to provide Full-time students with an HSR Bus Pass. This is a mandatory fee for all students, with the cost of $68.59/semester. The bus pass allows students to commute on any HSR transit bus as many times as they wish, throughout the validity period.

How can students participate?

Full-time students can visit the ONE Card office to receive a bus pass sticker on their ONE Card after they have registered. New stickers are distributed at the beginning of the terms, allowing validity for the semesters the student has paid for. Please visit ONE Card to receive your HSR Universal Pass.


Opt-out circumstances for the bus pass are limited and defined by the HSR and not controlled by the MSA.

Only students on a full semester work placement (where they are never on campus attending classes), more than 50 km outside the HSR service area are able to opt out.

For more information on the Student Universal Transit Pass, visit the MSA Office (G109). To receive your HSR sticker, visit the OneCard Office (F101)

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