Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries

The Financial Need Assessment Profile (FNAP) for the Winter 2017 semester is available November 16th, 2016 until January 23rd, 2017 at 4:30 pm.

  • Students who submit by December 16th, 2016 at 4:30 pm will be included in early Tuition Bursary review and may also be included for alternate funding review.
  • Students submitting after December 16th will be included in alternate available funding review.

All notifications will be sent to the student's MOCOmotion email. Please check that email regularly for updates from Awards.

Note: Reviews will be ongoing throughout the semester.

Students submitting an FNAP for review must meet these eligibility guidelines to be included for reviews.

  • Registered in a full time course load for the semester they applied for the FNAP
  • Demonstrated successful academic standing in their previous semester
  • Demonstrated financial need

Students not meeting all of the above guidelines will not be included in reviews for support.

Types of Assistance

Student Help Fund:

Student Help Fund (Tuition Set-Aside) are non-repayable, taxable bursaries available to students showing financial need who are:

  • residents of Canada (Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person)
  • residents in Ontario for the last 12 consecutive months
  • registered full-time in a Ministry approved certificate or diploma program
  • in a good academic standing

Funding is available to assist with educational and related expenses when all other forms of assistance are exhausted and financial need is not met. Students are expected to apply for OSAP and use their own resources such as savings, earnings from employment and family income.

Funding options available:

  • Tuition Assistance Bursary

    • Available each semester for students showing financial need

    • Students must submit an online Financial Need Assessment Profile (FNAP)
    • Students must be registered in full-time studies and have academic progression to qualify
  • General Help Fund

    • Available to assist with reasonable education-related expenses for students who have unmet need through OSAP or who are not eligible for OSAP.
    • Students need to complete a Financial Need Assessment Profile (FNAP) application.
    • Assistance is provided on a limited basis to students in financial need to support their studies at Mohawk College.
    • Requests are considered by the Financial Assistance Adviser on an individual basis.
    • Contact your Financial Assistance Advisor for more information.
  • Campus Student Employment Program

    • Provides job opportunities on-campus (up to 15 hours per week) for students who are registered in at least 60% of their full time course load (40% for students with disabilities)
    • Jobs are posted on the Campus Student Employment website
    • Students must complete an Financial Need Assessment Profile application to be considered for a CSEP position

Note: The Financial Need Assessment Profile is available 6-8 weeks prior to the beginning of every semester.

Government Supported Bursaries

For the most up-to-date information on Government Supported Bursaries, visit the OSAP Website.

Ontario First Generation Bursary

The Ontario First Generation Bursary (opens new window) is available to students completing their first program of study. Students must meet the following criteria:

  • be registered with a full-time course load in a Mohawk College program.
  • demonstrate successful academic standing within the program.
  • demonstrate financial need as determined by Financial Assistance. Financial Need is reviewed by student submission of the Financial Needs Assessment Profile (FNAP).
  • meet all the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) requirements for provincial residency.
  • student cannot have completed a prior post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree in or outside of Canada.
  • student's Parent(s) or Guardian(s) must not have completed a post secondary program in or outside of Canada.

Bursary for Students with Disabilities

Assists students with documented permanent or temporary disabilities to accommodate full-time studies at college or university. Examples of disability-related educational expenses are peer note-takers, vision aids, learning disability assessments, etc.
  • The application process starts with an interview with the educational institution's Accessible Learning Services' Case Managers (contact Accessible Learning Services), who will approve the appropriate equipment or service for the student, cost of the equipment or service and then submit the application to the Financial Assistance Office to have the funding processed for the student.

Note: The Financial Need Assessment Profile is available 6-8 weeks prior to the beginning of every semester.


Mohawk is committed to supporting students through Donor funded Scholarships and Bursaries. This type of financial assistance is non-repayable taxable support provided to students that meet specific donor suggested criteria.

Awards are usually classified into two categories of Scholarship and Bursary.

Scholarships - are financial awards based on academic achievement and alternate suggested criteria. Scholarships are usually determined by the academic departments and students do not apply for consideration. Scholarships are generally determined at the end of the winter semester.

Bursaries - assist students in financial need and may include alternate suggested criteria for review. Bursaries are determined by the Awards Office and students are required to complete the Financial Needs Assessment Profile (FNAP) prior to each semester to be considered. Bursaries are available each semester in an academic year.

Students applying for Awards can utilize the Awards Search (opens new window) to review what awards are available for determination and the suggested criteria used in a determination.

External Awards

Alternate supports for financial assistance are available from organizations external to Mohawk College. Reference the information below and the "Other Financial Assistance Sites of Interest".

CPAC Scholarships

CPAC Foundation provides awards and scholarships to secondary and post-secondary students who have demonstrated exceptional community leadership as well as outstanding academic achievements. The Foundation also provides assistance to students who have maintained above-average grades and are experiencing financial difficulty. To learn more visit  CPAC  (opens new window)

The Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) Scholarship for Aerospace Studies

The Ontario Aerospace council is pleased to be able to offer three scholarships for students going into or currently enrolled in an aerospace studies program at a post-secondary institution in Ontario. To learn more visit OAC (opens new window)


Honourable William G. Davis FCTCF Scholarship

The Honourable William G. Davis Scholarship will award five $1,000 scholarships. Applicants must be accepted or enrolled at a post-secondary Canadian institution, and reside in a community in which FCT employees live and/or work. To learn more visit FCT (opens new window)


José Eduardo López Memorial Scholarship

Provides financial support to youth aged 17 to 24, of Latin descent with an academic average of 80% who have already been accepted in a post-secondary institution and live within the Hamilton region. To learn more visit the José Eduardo López Memorial Scholarship (opens new window) website.


Chaney Ensign Bursary Fund

Provides financial support to students who have graduated from a publicly funded high school in the City of Hamilton and are attending an approved college or university in Canada or the United States. To learn more visit Hamilton Community Foundation (opens new window).


Eric Waldron Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to a student with a disability who is enrolled in an Ontario College or University and who has completed his or her first year. Enrollment in programs what will lead to working with individuals with disabilities will be an asset. To learn more visit OFCP Scholarships and Awards (opens new window) website.


Don Townsend Pharmacy Award

Provides opportunity to students in the counties of Brant, Haldimand & Norfolk to pursue post-secondary education in the field of pharmacy. To learn more visit the Aberdeen Foundation (opens new window) website.


Aberdeen Health & Community Services Foundation Nursing Scholarship

Applicants must reside in Brant, Haldimand or Norfolk counties and be enrolled in an accredited college or university nursing program. To learn more visit the Aberdeen Foundation (opens new window) website.


David Davis Memorial Fund

The David Davis Memorial Award provides modest bursary once yearly to talented and promising students in the field of music (preferably vocal). To learn more visit Hamilton Community Foundation (opens new window).


The Leonard S. (Tony) Mandamin Scholarship

Hydro One recognizes the excellence of First Nations, Metis and Inuit students in their studies in addition to their commitment to volunteering and involvement in their community. To learn more visit the Hydro One (opens new window) website.


William Peyton Hubbard Memorial Award

Hydro One sponsors two academic awards for outstanding black students attending college or university in Ontario. In addition to a cash award, winners are given an opportunity to obtain a paid position performing developmental work. To learn more visit the Hydro One (opens new window) website.


IODE Ontario Lucy Morrison Memorial Awards

IODE Canada is a national women's charitable organization, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, through education support, community service and citizenship programs. To learn more visit the IODE (opens new window) website.


Robert E. Oliver Award

Annual scholarship to one post secondary student who is a full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate Advertising and/or Marketing program and is committed to pursuing a career in advertising or marketing. To learn more visit ASCNCP (opens new window).


Schizophrenia Society of Ontario Scholarship

Canada's only bursary program dedicated to opening doors to educational opportunity for individuals affected by schizophrenia or psychotic illness and also for youth who champion the cause of mental illness. To learn more visit Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (opens new window).


Canadian Federation of University Women - Brantford Mature Student Award

CFUW Brantford scholarship for qualified women returning to school after a minimum of two years away from traditional schooling. Students must be enrolled in a post secondary program in Canada and have demonstrated initiative and community involvement. To learn more visit CFUW (opens new window).


Tema Conter Memorial Trust Scholarship Award

To learn more, visit the Tema Conter Memorial Trust Scholarship Award (opens new window) website.

Other Ways to be Recognized

The Celebration of Learning Awards Ceremony highlights the outstanding achievements of current students within the Mohawk community. To learn more visit the Celebration of Learning Awards.


Testimonials from Financial Assistance Recipients

Student award recipient testimonials.