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The Winter 2017 Financial Need Assessment Profile (FNAP) will open mid-November. Please check back at the beginning of November for application dates.

Important Information:

  • If additional supporting documentation is required the student will be contacted at their MOCOmotion email and provided the submission guidelines.
  • Respond by the submission deadline date to avoid having your application removed from reviews or funding availability rescinded.

Note: Students are advised to utilize Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as the browser for their FNAP application submission. Do not utilize Chrome, Safari or Opera as your browser as the FNAP submission may not be fully completed.

  • Students registered in a full time course load for the upcoming semester and completing this profile will be reviewed for financial need.
  • Second Career students are not eligible to receive Tuition Set Aside funding. Second Career students may apply for and be considered for donor based awards. Second Career sponsored students should inquire with Second Career to determine how receiving an award may impact their Second Career funding.
  • International Students are not reviewed for scholarship funding from the FNAP application. Please refer to International Education Services for information on International Awards.
  • Continuing Education Students are not eligible to apply. Refer to Financial Assistance for CE Students for Continuing Education students.
  • All new first time students at Mohawk must submit a copy of their last academic record when requested to be considered for award review to be included in award reviews.
  • BScN and RPN-to-BScN students must submit a copy of their current Registration Report and Academic Report when requested to be included in award reviews.

Only one application submitted each semester is required for full time students to be considered for the following financial assistance (where funding is available):

  • Review for financial assistance; Tuition Bursary, Campus Student Employment Program, etc.
  • Ontario First Generation Bursary
  • Award funding (determined with specific criteria)

To be eligible, you must meet the following residency requirements:

  • Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, Protected Person
  • Have lived in Canada for the past 12 consecutive months
  • Have lived in Ontario for the past 12 consecutive months

To be included for an 'Award Review', students must provide a letter explaining why they should be considered for an award. (Letter assistance) Letters must be included in the Financial Needs Assessment Profile. No email or hard copy submissions of letters will be accepted.

Prepare the FNAP letter before starting to complete the application. The letter will be submitted electronically as part of the FNAP submission. The letter must be in a .pdf file format.

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