How to Apply for Financial Assistance

Important notes:
Complete the application letter before you start completing the Financial Need Assessment Profile. You will be requested to submit the letter electronically as part of the application. Your letter should be in a .pdf or .doc file format.

Failure to provide this letter at that time may restrict your eligibility for specific funding.

Please utilize Internet Explorer or Mozilla as your browser. Students utilizing Google Chrome, Safari or Opera may have issues with the FNAP application submission.

Your letter should include:

  • Introduction - Include if you are a full-time or part-time student, your program name and your semester of study.
  • Body of letter - Why do you think you qualify for an award? Include your volunteer work within the community.
  • Conclusion - Show your appreciation for being considered and include how receiving an award will assist with your education.

1. Complete the online Financial Need Assessment Profile (FNAP) each semester you will be attending full-time.

  • Complete this application once prior to every semester
  • Provide your 4-month financial information (expenses and resources).
  • Need assistance in completing your FNAP, sign up for one of our workshops.

2. Supporting documentation.

  • Students will be contacted at their MOCOmotion email only. Check MOCOmotion email regularly for updates.
  • Supporting documentation must be submitted following the instructions by the deadline date. Failure to submit will result in elimination from further reviews.

Note: Students will be contacted via MOCOmotion email address only.

We are diligent on maintaining confidentiality on personal information collected. We had a breach of privacy in the past due to a programming error. The program was suspended until the error was corrected and the breach was reported to the Information and Privacy Commissioner. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Trevor Clark, Executive Director at (905) 575-2360 or trevor.clark [at]