Interest Free Status

Students should complete a "Continuation of Interest-Free Status/Confirmation of Enrolment (Schedule 2) (opens PDF)" (CIF) each term to ensure they will not accrue interest or have payments of their OSAP loans while attending school full-time. 

Pay close attention to deadlines!

Forms submitted during the last 13 days of your current study period may not be accepted. Forms submitted after the end of your current study period will not be accepted. 

Students not completing this form will be expected to start re-paying their OSAP six months after they last attended post-secondary school as a full-time student.

Co-op Students Receiving OSAP

Previous OSAP Recipients

Students currently registered having previous OSAP loans but not receiving OSAP for the current academic semester should complete the CIF form for each term you are not receiving OSAP.  Submit the completed form at the beginning of each term to the Financial Assistance Office or Student Services Office at your campus.