OSAP Application Process

Students approved for OSAP funding are responsible to pay the minimum deposit in order to confirm registration. Your deposit is not paid by OSAP. All students are responsible to ensure their tuition is paid in full by the deadline date noted in the Student Fee Statement.

Step 1: Apply for OSAP

Step 2: Submit your Supporting Documentation

Consents, Declarations and Signature Form

  • Print and sign (in black ink) all required areas of your and parent(s)/spouse/common-law's (if required) Consents, Declarations and Signature Form. You can also request that the Ministry mails the documentation to you.
  • Upload the signed form(s) online or submit to the Financial Assistance Office or Student Services Office at any Mohawk College Campus. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Other Supporting Documentation

  • Any additional required supporting documentation (ie. a marriage certificate, proof of parent(s) income, proof of dependents etc..) should be uploaded online or submitted (photocopies) to the Financial Assistance Office/Student Services Office at any Mohawk College Campus.
  • Additional documentation will be listed under the "View App Details" of your online OSAP application.

Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) (opens new window).

  • Print, complete and sign the MSFAA or you can request for the form to be mailed to you, however, it is recommended that you print the MSFAA yourself if possible.
  • Take the MSFAA to a designated Canada Post Outlet (opens new window) with identification (Social Insurance Card and Valid Government Photo Identification Card) and your Banking information.
  • Proof of Social Insurance Number can be in the form of a card, letter from Service Canada or Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency. Please note T5’s or income tax return are not acceptable as proof of SIN.

Canada Post will verify the identification then courier it directly to the National Student Loans Centre free of charge.

Do not mail the document! Any MSFAA that is submitted to the Financial Assistance Office will be discarded.

The MSFAA cannot be processed by the Financial Assistance Office at the College.

Step 3: Notice of Assessment/Entitlement

Once the application has been processed and your financial need is assessed, you will receive a "Notice of OSAP Assessment." The "Notice of OSAP Assessment" outlines your entitlement for Canada Student Loan and/or Ontario Student Loan funding. You may receive a "NIL assessment", which means that your resources appear to be sufficient to meet your allowable educational costs.

Please be aware that recipients of either ODSP or Ontario works must present the OSAP assessment summary to their case worker.

All information will be provided by email or mail as identified by the student in the application.

Step 4: Confirmation of Enrolment

Your OSAP funding will be deposited into your bank account 5-10 business days after your enrolment is confirmed by the Financial Assistance Office.

  • You must be registered as a full-time student (at least 60 percent course load or minimum 40 percent course load if you have a documented permanent disability)
  • You must not have a "hold" on your student account
  • Your OSAP funding will be released in two installments - 60% will be released at the beginning of your study period and the remaining 40% will be released for the final semester.

Step 5: Update your Income

Please be sure to confirm/update your income directly on the OSAP application prior to the second installment of your OSAP disbursement. Students are typically notified of the request to update income in October/February.

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