OSAP Eligibility

You are eligible to apply for OSAP if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You are a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person
  2. Planning to enrol in at least 60 percent of a full course load in a Ministry approved program at Mohawk College.
    • Students with a documented permanent disability are eligible to apply if they are planning to enrol in at least 40 percent of a full course load.
  3. To be eligible for Ontario Student Loans under OSAP, you must have resided in Ontario for 12 consecutive months before starting your full-time post-secondary education without attending college or university (outside of Ontario) during the 12 month period.
    • If you are married/common-law and have not resided in Ontario for 12 consecutive months, you may qualify for Ontario residency through your spouse/partner.
    • If you are a "dependent", you may qualify through your parent(s), legal guardian(s) or official sponsor(s). Contact Mohawk's Financial Assistance Office for details.
  4. Visit How to Get OSAP (opens new window) to learn about eligibility requirements.
    Note: Parental financial information and consent are needed for "dependent" students applying directly out of high school.
  5. For a complete list of required OSAP documentation and status updates be sure to check your OSAP account regularly online at the OSAP (opens new window) website.