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Mohawk E-Mail Account Information

This page will provide information about your Mohawk E-Mail account and information about the services that use your E-Mail account username and password.

Continue below for information about resetting your password or click the links on the left side for additional information when using your Mohawk E-Mail account.

Your Mohawk E-Mail is in the format of, some Staff or Students may already be using your Mohawk E-Mail account when logging directly into a Mohawk computer, accessing or from a smartphone that already has Mohawk E-Mail configured.

Resetting your password gives you the ability to:

If you don’t know your Mohawk E-Mail password, please log into MOCOmotion and use the My Mohawk Email window located on the welcome tab to reset your password. (Mocomotion)


(PLEASE NOTE: Your Mocomotion and Mohawk E-Mail are 2 separate accounts and the passwords are not synchronized.)

Click the links on the left side or below for more information when using your Mohawk E-Mail account.