College Student Success Innovation Centre

The College Student Success Innovation Centre (CSSIC – "the Centre") is Canada’s first research centre on a college campus uniquely focused on community college student success.

Supported with funding from the Province, the Centre is leading Ontario colleges in the design, implementation, assessment, and evaluation of innovative interventions throughout the student lifecycle that improve student success.

The work of the Centre will foster a more collaborative, supportive college system that is uniquely focused on, and informed by, rigorous evidence about what works in improving student retention and graduation.

Three foundational pillars underpin and guide the work of the Centre: innovation, capacity building, and knowledge sharing.


Innovation through continuous research and refinement of interventions that improve student outcomes, such as rates of retention and graduation.

Capacity Building

Capacity building through an annual Call for Partners for other colleges across the province to replicate studies and projects, with the support of up to $30,000 in matched funding, mentorship, project coordination, and data analytics support.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing across the province through an annual Symposium and continuous publication of results and toolkits.

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