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Team members:

  • Tim Fricker, M.Ed. Ph.D.(c), Dean of Students, tim.fricker [at]
  • Melissa Gallo, M.Sc., Ed.D.(c), Director, Student Success Initiatives, [at]
  • Bobbijo Sawchyn, M.Sc., Research and Special Projects Coordinator, bobbijo.sawchyn [at]
  • Megan Pratt, OCT, M.Ed, Research and Special Projects Coordinator (on leave), megan.pratt [at]
  • Michelle Turan, Ph.D., M.A., Student Success Research Fellow, michelle.turan [at]
  • Nicole Redmond, OCT, M.Ed, Researcher, Student Success Initiatives, nicole.redmond [at]
  • Pamela Ingleton, Ph.D., Learning Outcomes Assessment Consultant, pamela.ingleton [at]