Student Social Media Ambassadors

Meet Your Social Media Ambassadors

This is #squadgoals on campus. Our student social media ambassadors will be your eyes and ears around the school and in the community. Check them out and follow @MohawkCollege on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for some amazing content. Look for their initials on all #MoAmbassador posts!

Alonzo Reyes

Alonzo Reyes (AR)

Advertising & Marketing Communications Management

My name is Alonzo Reyes, second year student in the Advertising & Marketing Communications Program here at Mohawk College. My greatest fantasy is to impact the world through my craft of advertising & design. My biggest fear is wasting time, and before I waste yours, there’s something you need to know. If I was a superhero, I would wear my cape forward to prevent stains on my Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket. Also, I would be able to take pictures just by closing my eyes.

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Sidney Sefa

Sidney Sefa (SS)

Broadcasting, Radio

The name is Sidney Sefa. I am a second year radio broadcasting student and I love everything when it comes to music and entertainment. I even possess a special talent as a hobby singer and a musician. My advice to you is that if you're thinking about college, look no further than Mohawk. It's the best college ever built and discovered.

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Jessica Rao

Jessica Rao (JR)

Pre-Media & Entertainment

Hi there! My name is Jessica and I am one of Mohawk's newest social media ambassadors! This is my first year at Mohawk and I am in the Pre-Media & Entertainment program. I love all things film and TV related. I love watching movies in my free time (so send me all of your movie recommendations!). You can usually find me in the F-wing with my nose buried in my laptop.

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Shawn Alam

Shawn Alam (SA)

Advertising & Marketing Communications Management

Ask me anything about sports and I can probably answer it. My name is Shawn Alam, I’m in my Second Year of Advertising Marketing Communications Management and I am the most outgoing, fun, and passionate student you’ll meet. Besides sports, I excel in everything Marketing and Social Media based!

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Andres Billiald

Andres Billiald (AB)


My name is Andres Billiald & I'm proud to introduce myself a Social Media Ambassador for Mohawk College. A little bit about me - I'm a Journalism student at Mohawk College with a passion for writing, film, and my better half. My top movie is No Country for Old Men and my top band is The Contortionist.

I've interned for the CBC, where I covered everything from a bomb scare to a dispensary raid. I've also been nationally published by the CBC & was even lucky enough to interview Rick Mercer. Now, I spend my time producing a bi-weekly show for Cable 14, editing for, or freelancing as a videographer to pay the bills.

You can usually find me in the J-Lab at F126, feel free to strike up a conversation anytime!

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Whitney Sarjeant

Whitney Sarjeant (WS)

Broadcast Television & Communications Media

Whitney Sarjeant is currently in her third year in the Broadcast Television Communications Program. When Whitney is not hitting the books, you can find her teaching a wide range of dance classes including ballet, jazz, acro, cheer leading and hip-hop to children ages 3-12. Whitney is also heavily involved in the community and received a youth volunteer achievement award at the City of Hamilton’s 2016 Sport Volunteer Awards Dinner. Some major events Whitney has been involved in include the 2012 World Deaf Athletes Championships and the 2015 Pan Am Games. Whitney has always had a keen interest in the making of movies and TV dramas so it is no surprise she has decided to pursue a career in television. Whitney has always enjoyed the social media realm and looks forward to expanding her knowledge in this field as a Social Media Ambassador.

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