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Below are different resources intended to continue experiential learning while we inhabit a virtual environment. We will be continuing to update this page over the next few months with more content.



What is HackStudent?

HackStudent is a partnership between Mohawk College and HackStudent to provide students with experiential learning opportunities in the fields of cyber security, internet of things and extended reality.

Previously, we had held full day, in person sessions where students would listen to a guest speaker before going between our emerging technology labs for demonstrations and guided activities.

While we look to continue these in person activities in the future, we want to continue supporting students in the current virtual environment.

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HackStudent Virtual Micro-Learning Modules

Our HackStudent Virtual Micro-Learning Modules are intended to provide insight into cyber security and internet of things topics in an accessible anytime, bite-sized format. Each module will only take a student 15 - 45 minutes to complete.

Topics include:

HackStudent Upcoming Live Sessions

The live sessions will consist of speaker presentations, demos and Q&As. The topics listed are subject to change. Our next round of live sessions will be coming in the Fall.


Previous sessions include:

  • Introduction to Cyber Security - Tuesday May 12
  • Tracking and Privacy - Wednesday, May 13
  • Social Engineering - Thursday, May 14
  • Phishing - Wednesday, May 20
  • Ethical Hacking - Thursday, May 21

Women in Technology and Trades (WiTT) Curriculum Kits

A curriculum kit looks at how ideas concepts and ideas in science, engineering, math, and technology work together to help students engage with STEM based curriculum and virtualizations in small achievable tasks. 

Visit our Women in Technology and Trades page for upcoming events, and resources!

Visit Open House Plus, an on-demand, curated collection of videos, interviews and blogs about our programs, student services and supports! Get answers to your questions, watch video greeting from Deans and faculty, stay up-to-date on virtual events and more.

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