Waste Management

New Waste Bin Signage

In partnership with the Sustainability Initiatives Fund, we've brought a fresh new look to waste bins across Fennell Campus. The updated signage includes information about recyclable and non-recyclable items to help you put your waste in its place.

Mohawk College Sustainability Poster Plastic, Cans + Glass Recycling Put your waste in its place

Mohawk College Sustainability Poster Paper Recycling Put your waste in its place

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Green Bins/Composting

In 2016, 41% of Mohawk College’s waste to landfill was food and organic wastes. Addressing food and organic waste on campus is an important part of reducing waste created on campus. If you are eating in the C-Wing Cafeteria, there are large roll-off green/compost bins in the seating area. Find them near the Tim Hortons and the dishwashing station.

As well, much of our composting is done behind the scenes in the kitchens. They dispose of pre-consumer food such as food preparation scraps.

Recycling Logo


There are many environmental benefits of diverting organics and food wastes, including:

  •   Reduction of methane emissions
  •   Decreased leachate from landfills
  •   Production of valuable compost and renewable energy





Did you know: Many coffee cups contain a material called polyethylene. This material prevents liquid from leaking through the paper cup, but it also causes the cup to become unrecyclable!

Instead, save 25¢ every time you use a reusable mug on campus!

Coffee Cup Recycling Bins

With the help of Facility Services, the Sustainability Office has implemented specialized coffee cup recycling bins around Fennell campus as part of a pilot project. These yellow bins are specifically designed for the disposable coffee cups and collect every aspect of the cup including the lid, sleeve, and liquid. The bins can be found around food services areas such as Tim Hortons, Starbucks and the Cafeteria in C-Wing. Just follow the instructions on the bin to help put waste in its place:

Step 1: Pour leftover coffee into right receptacle.

Step 2: Remove lid from cup and place into the left receptacle.

Step 3: Place cup and sleeve into the middle receptacle.

Step 4: Give yourself a high-five!


Plastic Waste


In 2013 and in direct alignment with the Environmental Management Plan, Mohawk College issued a policy to help reduce Mohawk’s carbon footprint. The single-use plastic policy (opens PDF, 371kb) aims at lowering waste management costs associated with the disposal of single-use plastics.

Refillable water stations have been installed around the college at Fennell, Stoney Creek, and the Institute of Applied Health Sciences at McMaster campus to encourage the use of reusable water bottles.

Did you know: Over 370,000 visits to water refill stations were made in last year!

Use your refillable water bottle while you’re on campus!

Electronic Waste


Program Overview

The proper collection, reuse and recycling of electronic materials and equipment is an important part of environmental stewardship. Anything from televisions, monitors, cell phones and non-cellular phones, desktop computers, key board etc. can be recycled, reused or repurposed under the WEEE Program in Ontario.

At Mohawk, we offer a year-round electronic recycling service that is available for all students, staff and faculty to use.

Year-round Drop off Locations

  • Fennell – C005 (Open Seating Area near Tim Hortons – C-Wing Lower Level)
  • Stoney Creek – Awareness Theatre

What We Accept:


Battery Recycling Program

The Sustainability Office has teamed up with Raw Materials Company Inc. (RMC) to bring an on-campus battery recycling program. All students, staff and faculty as encourage to bring their used batteries to any of the specified locations listen below and we will ensure they are properly recycled.

Mohawk College Sustainability Battery Recycling Drop-off Bucket

Battery collection is available at the following locations:

  • C005 - beside the E-waste Bins

  • G109 - MSA Office

  • H101 - Library

  • IT Help Desk

  • Residence Front Desk

  • A108 - Sustainability Office

  • A114 - Aboriginal Student Services Office

  • E305A – E-Wing Labs

  • F174 – Media Equipment Office

  • F114C – MCACES

  • B106 – Automotive Department

Acceptable Batteries:

  • Single-use batteries

  • Lithium batteries

  • Button cell batteries

  • Car batteries

  • Corroded or leaking batteries

  • Rechargeable batteries