Withdrawal and Redirection Procedure (SS-3102-2008)

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This procedure has been developed in collaboration with the Academic Programs/Schools, Counselling, Accessible Learning Services (ALS) and the Registrar’s Division. The fundamental principle underlying the procedure is that students who ultimately wish to withdraw from their program of study at Mohawk College should not encounter barriers; however, all options should be explored to retain the student in the program/school, or re-direct the student to another program in another School, as appropriate. The focus should be on encouraging student persistence wherever possible.


Postsecondary Program Withdrawal/Re-Direction Procedures

  1. The Student Success Advisor (SSA) in the Academic Program area is the first point of contact for all students (except for international students – see Statement # 8) who have expressed a clear intention to withdraw or who are considering withdrawal. Students who indicate their intent to withdraw via email or telephone should be referred to the academic area to begin the process.

    The SSA is responsible for working with appropriate individuals (Professors, Academic Program Coordinator, Associate Dean, etc.) within the Program/School to ensure that the student is provided with every opportunity to persist in his/her program or in another program within the School. Interventions at this point will include discussion and application of academic policy, procedures, and practices, as appropriate to support student persistence. If the student has disclosed that he/she has a Confidential Academic Accommodation Plan (CAAP), the SSA or another member of the Academic area should contact the ALS Department for consultation and referral of the student at this point.
  2. If it is determined, after this preliminary consultation process, that the student still wishes to withdraw from his/her current program and/or School, the a staff member must sign the withdrawal form and refer the student to Counselling or Accessible Learning Services (if the student is identified with Accessible Learning Services) to explore program options in other Schools.

    Prior to referral, the withdrawal form should be completed by the student and a copy retained by the academic area to facilitate tracking of withdrawals from/by the School.
  3. If the student is sent to Counselling or ALS, staff will sign off on the withdrawal form and support the student’s transition to the community, as required, depending on the student’s reason for withdrawal. In the case of voluntary withdrawals, students should be made aware that return to the College is always an option.
  4. The originating department will send the completed withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Division, and the academic area.
  5. If the student has decided on another program choice and wishes to apply for a future semester or year, the Student Success Advisor, the Counsellor or the ALS department will refer him/her to the Registrar’s Division.
  6. International students who wish to withdraw must first meet with a representative of the International Education Department. Once it has been determined that the student is committed to withdrawal, he/she must be referred to Counselling to have the withdrawal request processed. The Counselling Department then sends the completed documentation to the Registrar’s Division where the withdrawal will be completed. The Registrar’s Division will send a copy of the withdrawal documentation to International Education, and a copy of the withdrawal form to the appropriate SSA.

7. Course Withdrawal Procedures

Official withdrawal from a course requires the following steps:

Postsecondary Students

Postsecondary students should use the MyMohawk postsecondary registration process to withdraw from a course.

  • If a student drops a course within the first ten days of classes, the course will be removed from his/her transcript.
  • Students who drop a course after ten days, but within ten weeks of the start of classes, will receive an indication of "W" (withdrawn) on their transcript.
  • For students who drop a course after their first ten weeks of classes, the transcript will reflect the grade earned.

Continuing Education Students

Continuing Education Students should notify the Continuing Education Registration Office using the web, mail, fax, or in person at least 10 days before the end of the course to avoid academic penalty.

  • If a student drops a course at least 10 days before the end of the course, the grade will be reflected as a “W “(withdrawn).
  • If a student does not drop the course, or drops within the last 10 days of the course, the grade earned will be reflected on the transcript.
  • If a student never attends the course, the grade will be reflected as “UW” (unofficial withdrawal)

Apprenticeship Students

Apprenticeship Students must forward their withdrawal request in writing to Student Services, Stoney Creek Campus.

8. Refund Practices

The following refund practices apply.

Postsecondary Students

Prior to Timetable Selection

Withdrawal from Mohawk College prior to the selection of a timetable requires written notification to the college in order to be eligible for a refund of tuition and ancillary fees paid. The $500 deposit is non-refundable. Any amount in excess of this will be refunded to the student.

Following Timetable Selection and up to the tenth day of classes

Withdrawal within the first ten days of the program semester start will entitle students to a full refund of all tuition and ancillary fees paid, less a $500 holdback fee. If a student does not submit a withdrawal, the individual will be responsible for full tuition fees for the semester.

After first ten days of classes

There are no refunds for students withdrawing from Mohawk College after the first ten days of the program semester start.  All prepaid semesters beyond the current semester are refundable.

Returning Students

If you choose to withdraw after selecting your timetable (registering) in a returning semester, but before the 10th day of classes, you will receive a refund of fees paid less a $500 holdback fee. Exception will be made for students who are unable to continue due to academic penalty, i.e. Compulsory Withdrawal.

To withdraw from college after you have selected your timetable, please complete a Mohawk College withdrawal form, available from your Student Success Advisor, or the Square at any Mohawk campus.

Please note: late fees are non-refundable.

Continuing Education Students

  • An administrative fee per course is withheld if the student withdraws before the second scheduled class, whether or not he/she actually attended.
  • No refund will be issued for withdrawals on the day of/after the second scheduled class, whether or not the student actually attended.

Note: Postsecondary students who have paid full fees, and reduce their workload to part time through individual course withdrawal, may receive a partial tuition refund if they withdraw BEFORE the end of the first ten days of the semester.

Note: The Standard Refund Policy may not apply to seminars, workshops, Travel Education, Corporate Training, Community Training, and Credit for Prior Learning courses.

General Apprenticeship

  • A full refund will be issued, if the student withdraws before classes start.
  • If the student attends any of the first three days of class, a $50.00 administration charge will apply.
  • No refund will be available after the third day of classes. No refund will be issued for withdrawals on the day of/after the second scheduled class, whether or not the student actually attended.