Business Continuity and Recovery

An element of emergency response and coordination, is the determination of the areas within the College that require continuity of operations in the event of tan incident or emergency.

Program-specific business continuity plans (BCPs) have been established throughout the college, and general outline:

  • Services that will be maintained during an emergency incident or event.
  • Services that will be maintained at reduced levels of services.
  • Services that would be discontinued.

Also included are plans, measures and management to ensure the continuous delivery of critical services and products, permitting the organization to recover its facilities, data and assets, for example: personal information, equipment, infrastructure protection, and accommodations.

While the College is oriented into response mode, continuous and time critical services will be determined, based on the following areas of impact:

  • Life, health and safety of persons.
  • Critical infrastructure and critical information.
  • Environment.
  • Contractual legal and Regulatory.

The common standard for defining services as time-critical are those that just be recovered between 24 hours and 1 week.

Based on the emergency, the Incident Commander will make the determination as to whether the emergency is under control and when operations can return to normal.

Resumption to normal operations will mark the end of the emergency and final staff of the transition period. At that point, an official announcement, drafted by Public Affairs, will be made indicating that operations are back to normal.