Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Activation

The EOC is a physical location where EOCG Team gather to collectively and collaboratively support emergency management response and manage the consequences of an emerging incident. The EOC is activated when it’s necessary to centralize and coordinate efforts occurring at the site.

Activating the Operations Centre would be necessary in the following circumstances:

  • A need for site support
  • Large-scale complex response.
  • Significant population impact / at risk.
  • Uncertain conditions / risk of escalation.
  • Information management issues.
  • Major planned event.
  • Potential threat to be monitored. 

Notification that the EOC has been formally activated will occur through the utilization of the Security Alert Messenger (SAM) system by Security Services.

By establishing an EOC, the EOCG commits to:

  1. Providing a common, operating picture.
  2. Providing a ready-access to all available information.
  3. Promoting resource identification and assignment.
  4. Supporting and improving the continuity of operations.
  5. Facilitating longer-term emergency operations.

Information about EOC resources can be found in Appendix C: Emergency Operations Centre Materials.