Incident Identification and Emergency Activation

As outlined in Mohawk College’s Active Threat Procedures (ERP806) and the Violence Prevention and Protection Policy (CS-1402-2012), members of the College community who view or perceive an emerging issue, incident, emergency, and/or threat of violence must immediately report the incident to Security Services, or dial 911, and provide as much information as possible.

When such an event occurs:

  1. Any person(s) should notify Security by calling 55 or 2003 from a Fennell or Stoney Creek campus phone, or 88 from an IAHS university phone at the IAHS campus. 
  2. The Director of Security Services (or designate) will be notified, and will conduct the initial assessment of the situation.
  3. Based on the assessment of the incident, the Director of Security Services will notify the Chief Building & Facilities Officer, and the Vice President, Corporate Services.

Decision Making: Severity of Incident

Any member of the Mohawk Executive Group (MEG) may request that the incident response escalation include the formal activation of the Emergency Operations Control Group (EOCG).

Based on the severity or type of incident, the executive and senior leadership would select and designate an individual to the role of Incident Commander.

The decision to order a Lockdown will be made by Security Services. For outside emergencies impacting the College community, the decision to order a Hold & Secure or a Shelter-in-Place will be made by Security Services, in consultation with the Hamilton Police or Hamilton Emergency Services

Declaration of Emergency

The President has the authority to declare a formal state of emergency for the College, any campus, or any part of the College.


The Mohawk Executive Group (MEG), Senior Leadership Team (SLT) members and their designates, as well as Mohawk College Security Services, when acting under the provisions of the Mohawk College Emergency Response Plan, are deemed to be acting as agents of the College, and are not individually responsible for decisions of the group. The College accepts liability for the actions and decisions of the group, provided that such actions or decisions are made honestly and in good faith.