Plan Maintenance, Review and Training Exercises

The Vice President, Corporate Services is responsible for the Mohawk College ERP, and will on an annual basis, provide the President with a signed statement of the ERP’s accuracy and indicating compliance with the due diligence requirement.

To that effect, a yearly review of the ERP will be coordinated by Corporate Services, with proposed revisions to be submitted in writing. Major changes will be presented to MEG, with the recommendation for acceptance or otherwise. Minor changes will be noted, collected and submitted to MEG for approval. MEG-approved revisions will be effective immediately.

All MEG and SLT members, as well as identified advisory and support staff members will receive formal EOC Training, on an ad-hoc basis, and/or at the direction of MEG directly.

Security Services will coordinate drills every year, and will arrange for tabletop and functional exercises with endorsement of the MEG regularly.