Site Emergency Response Teams (SERT)

The Site Emergency Response Team (SERT) is responsible for all college activities within the outer perimeter.  This will include coordination with partner first responders such as emergency services. 

In many cases this role would be held by the Security Operations Supervisor (or designate).

The SERT On-Scene Commander will be responsible for: 

  • Assessing and reassessing the situation
  • Ensuring safety of college responders
  • Consult and co-ordinate with on-site response agencies and any external “Officers-in-Charge” to establish an inner and outer perimeter around the emergency site
  • Maintaining communications with the Liaison Officer / Security in the EOCG, ensuring they are informed of the status at the  emergency site
  • Ensure that priorities, tasks and tactics are established to contain and mitigate the emergency situation
  • Requesting and coordinating subject matter experts as required to assist in the management of the incident at the Emergency Site. Some of the roles are identified in the chart below.

The number of persons called upon to act, respond and recover will be dependent on the size and complexity of the incident. Site roles and participants will vary, depending on the incident.