Request Access

Mohawk College Security Services is a responsible for the protection and security of all college property. In an effort to ensure the integrity of the college locking system (both electronic and key) access will only be provided to college facilities with approved authorization. 

Please be advised that the Key Management Policy has been updated to reflect the new key form drop-off, key pick-up and return location change.

  • Starting Tuesday, February 18. 2020 all employee key forms, key pick-ups, and drop-offs will now be processed through the Facilities Services office, room B101 at Fennell Campus.
  • Lost or stolen key notifications, as well all contractor key requests will still need to be directed to Security Services in room C103, at Fennell Campus.

The following are methods of requesting access to college facilities:

Card Access Request Form (for electronic access)

The integrity of the college card reader electronic access system is essential to protect college assets and to only provide access to college facilities by authorized persons. Security Services is responsible for programming and auditing all electronic door access and programming of all access on the college One Card system. If you require electronic access to college facilities complete the Access Card Application PDF in full and forward to Security Office, Room C103, Fennell Campus. Access will be programmed electronically.

Key Access Request Form

The integrity of the college lock and keying system is essential to protect college assets and to only provide access to college facilities by authorized persons. The college has created a policy and procedure to provide a system for the issuance and control of all keys related to the accessing of Mohawk College.  

Here is a link to our Key Management Policy PDF


Key Request for Mohawk College Employees

  • Complete the  Key Request Form PDF in full and forward to Facility Services Office, Room B101, Fennell Campus

Key Request for Contractors at Mohawk College

Special Access Requests

In the event that you require short term access to an area, all requests are processed via email only.    Authorized persons (persons who are responsible for an area) can contact Security Services at security [at] and provide authorization for an access to be provided to a specific person for a specific date and time.

Security is unable to provide access to any college facility without specific authorization.

Propping Open of Doors (labs)

If you are teaching in a lab with a card access door, Security can unlock the door for you for the duration of your class. Contact Security at 2003. Classroom and Lab doors MUST remain closed at all times. We have prepared a video to learn more about why this is so important. 

Propping Doors 2.jpg