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Mohawk Advertising Grads "represent" at the 2013 Media Innovation Awards

A recent listing of the winners at the 2013 Media Innovation Awards reveals many Mohawk Advertising Program grads walking away with significant metal.

Categories and winners:

Ambient/Place-Based Media-Small Scale
Fuzz Wax Bar and Lowe Roche
Art Director: Ryan Speziale (Class of 2012)
Agency Producer: Shannon Farrell (Class of 2012)

Experiential/Special Events/Stunts
AB InBev/Labatt Breweries and UM Canada
Broadcast Manager: Dan Zangrando (Class of 2005)

Content Integration and Sponsorship
AB InBev/Labatt Breweries and UM Canada
Broadcast Manager: Dan Zangrando (Class of 2005)

Niche Target and Multicultural
Sevita International and JAN Kelley Marketing
Media Manager: Terri Cameron (Class of 1997)

Localisation Campaign
Sevita International and JAN Kelley Marketing
Media Manager: Terri Cameron (Class of 1997)

Congratulations to all.

Mohawk's Advertising Program racks up the Silvers at ADCC awards

The Winners:
SILVER: Edward Balli (History Channel)
SILVER: Justin Turco + Curtis Denomme (Sail)
SILVER: Emmanuel Torres + Mikhail Ferrara (Afterbite)
FINALIST: Sarah Quinto + Justin Turco (Duracell)

"It's great to see our students once again winning at this award show, led by their creative professor Jef Petrossi," says Wayne Aubert, Program Coordinator. "One of our best showings!"

Several of the winners have already found career starts in agencies. Sarah Quinto is with TBWA/, Justin Turco is with TAXI Canada and Emmanuel Torres is with Leo Burnett.

Mohawk Advertising students are finalists in CMAs again!

We've been advised that two of our creative teams are medal finalists in the Canadian Marketing Awards.

  1. Marco Buchar, Scott Rodgerson, Erikson Melton, Shawn Walton
  2. Osman Rahmani, Eric Williamson

And one of our business teams is also a finalist on track for a medal

  1. Desiree Boucher, Samantha Mujdrica, and Andria Ramelli

Stay tuned to see how we placed on November 29!

Congrats to our awesome students and their coaches Janice Warren and Jef Petrossi.

The Echo Boom

Read about (opens new window) what’s happening in our industry... and look for Iva Prkacin, Mohawk Advertising graduate in this article (opens new window)!
Iva Prkacin - Echo Boom - News & Events

Mohawk Advertising Toronto Agency Tour Day

This Fall, the third year class participated in Mohawk Advertising Toronto Agency Tour Day. Each student, in their graduating year, gets to visit three Toronto ad agencies for tours and discussion. It's a great way to see "what's out there" says Program Coordinator Wayne Aubert.

"It's a bit of work to set up the logistics but the tours are so worth it!" says Wayne, "I see students feeling a bit intimidated at first but once they have done their first agency tour, they can't wait to visit the next one!"

Agencies on the "tour" list this year included:
Bensimon Byrne
Grip Limited
Leo Burnett
Critical Mass

"And the really cool thing is that often the agencies will appoint actual Mohawk Advertising graduates to be the tour guides!" continues Wayne, "and that shows these soon-to-be-grads that this could be them... and soon!"

Mohawk Advertising Toronto Agency Tour Day 2013

   The Bensimon Byrne tours included three Mohawk grads as guides: 
   Iva Prkacin, Jonathan Crandall and Brittany Willrich.

Check out the work by 2013 Advertising grads Ben Masecar and Clayton Vrenjak

Check out the work (opens new window) posted on Ads of the World by 2013 Advertising grads Ben Masecar and Clayton Vrenjak.

Ben Masecar and Clayton Vrenjak Ads of World


Check out the work by 2013 Advertising grad Clayton Vrenjak (opens new window)

Check out the work (opens new window) posted on Ads of the World by 2013 Advertising grad Clayton Vrenjak.

Clayton Vrenjak Ads of World - Starbucks

Mohawk wins GOLD in Varsity Golf... and an Advertising & Marketing Communications Management first year student shares in the victory

The Mohawk men's team was awarded the Division-Two gold medal at the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Golf Championships in Paris October 2. Advertising & Marketing Communications Management First Year student Brendan Lewis, pictured here (2nd from left) with his winning team mates, scored a respectable 258. Yeah Brendan!

Mohawk Golf Oct 7 2013

Adam Thur, Mohawk Advertising grad makes a move

Adam Thur, Mohawk Advertising Alumni, has made the move to Leo Burnett.  read more (opens new window)...
Adam Thur, Mohawk Advertising grad makes a move

Jon Toews has a new gig!

Jon Toews, Mohawk Advertising Alumni and member of our Advisory Board has a new gig!  read more (opens new window)...
Jon Toews has a new gig!

11 Mohawk advertising students win international competition

Eleven Mohawk College advertising students have won awards in an international competition.
Ed Balli - Award Winner History Channel 2013

Advertising program toy drive for Mountain Kidz

Every year, the Advertising program holds a toy drive. This year's recipient was Mountain Kidz, a grassroots organization run out of Eastmount Community Centre that helps families with special events and programming. Some years ago, Program Coordinator Wayne Aubert read an article in the Hamilton Mountain News about Kathy Archer and her organization and gave her a call. It was then that he discovered that Kathy gave out Christmas gifts to children... from her own personal funds. He offered to give her toys from the Advertising program toy drive... and now five years later... it has been a great success.

Advertising Toy Drive 2012 - loading up

The goal this year was slightly higher than last year. Three hundred toys (valued at $20 each) plus fifty games (to be distributed through family hampers). "I was definitely getting worried," says Wayne Aubert, "we were not hitting our weekly targets and I thought that we were going to fall short."

But Second Year students, led by Adam Pipe, found some innovative solutions when they learned that the drive had slowed down. Adam secured a partnership with Tracies' Restaurant on Upper James that raised hundreds of dollars and dozens of toys and gift baskets and stockings. Dana Radcliffe led students (too numerous to list) to go class-to-class for coin collections. Lindsay Celeste has Walmart Upper James add Mountain Kidz tags to their donation tree which raised dozens and dozens of toys. Kirk Macdonald brought in toys from Second Chance sports.

Third year students Meaghan O'Neill-Townsend and Shannan Ruby, as part of their coursework, ran a concert that saw all ticket sales go to the toy drive.

Advertising Toy Drive 2012 - hand off

And other programs got involved too when "the call went out". Janet Mannen of Office Admin program, Alice Szraiber of Office Admin-Executive both raised toys and cash from their students. Tim Tuck of Public Relations raised toys as well. Tracey Kadish of Television gave a donation... and the list goes on.

Altogether, approximately 330 toys, 60 games, and over 100 stocking stuffers were delivered to Mountain Kidz in the evening on December 15.

Photos courtesy of the Hamilton Mountain News

Mohawk Advertising at the CMA Gala 2012

At the CMA Gala held November 30th, 2012 Mohawk College had another winning night taking home top honours in both the marketing and creative categories.

In the Marketing category, a team made up of Tara Bryk, Kirstie Ciconne and Kayla Ciconne won silver - the highest medal given away. Their task was to create a marketing plan for Sick Kids. In the creative category, Jen Rienties, Sarah Quinto, Ruth Cachero and Yan Chaynmann took home gold for their direct mail piece promoting WebStream, a new digital movie company.

CMA Gala 2012 Winners 2
CMA Gala 2012 Winners 1

This marks Mohawk's 6th straight gold medal on the creative side of the contest - and continued dominance in both categories.

Mohawk’s Advertising program is seeing a lot of wins in 2012

Here’s what is on deck:

CMA Awards: Yan Chayman, Jen Rienties, Sarah Quinto, Ruth Cachero are finalists and we’ll see how they place on November 30.

CMA awards (Business): Tara Bryk, Kayla Ciccone, and Kirstie Ciccone are also finalists. We’ll know how they placed on Nov. 30 too.

Applied Arts Awards, we had several winners:
PETA: Justin Turco, Nicole Costa, Curtis Denomme
CRIMESTOPPERS: Sarah Quinto, Gage Varga, Noel Torres, Jen Rienties 
CHILD ABUSE: Noel Torres 
ICE CREAM: Ryan Speziale, Tim Glenn 
NORTH YORK WOMEN'S: Lucyed Hernandez, Matt Mantle

ADCC Awards saw these students, who are now grads, do well too:
SILVER: Darren Marranca, Lucyed Hernandez
MERIT: Jonnie Ciordas, Luke Skinner"Applied Arts" communications magazine web site (opens new window) to see what Mohawk students have accomplished (scroll down to "Mohawk College")

Part Of Your World - Advertising Intern Edition

Ellie Ketsetzis is a third year Advertising student, focused in the Creative stream. She is attending an internship open house at Lowe Roche and thought that she would do something to get their attention. We think that she will accomplish that.

2012 Marketing Awards

Congratulations to the following Mohawk Advertising Program Alumni who recently won at the 2012 Marketing Awards

Jordan Lane, Account Executive BBDO 
GOLD Television over 30 seconds: single

Ryan Roberts, Planner CP+B
BRONZE Out-of-home, non-standard format : single

Mike Schonberger, Art Director Juniper Park
CRAFT AWARD: Directing

Mohawk Ad Students at Portfolio Night

Click the link below to see the video and you'll see current and graduating Mohawk advertising students in this video, including Darren Marranca, Adam Tuck, Ivars Leitis, Noel Torres, Sarah Quinto, Ryan Speziale, Ruth Anne Cachero, and Curtis Denomme.

Mohawk grads hang with the celebrities!

Grads of the Advertising program are "hot hires" in Media jobs. And there are in the station "up fronts" where they get to meet the celebrities. Check out grads Charlotte Brown and Mark Claessens and their celebrity encounters!

Charlotte Brown with LL Cool J - NCIS Los Angeles
Mark Claessens with Hayden Panettiere - Nashville
Mark Claessens with Kunal Nayyar - Big Bang Theory 

Mohawk Ad Students Merit attention in U.S. Competitions

VCU. Miami Ad School. The Creative Circus. Mohawk College.

Top U.S. and Canadian schools in Advertising, Communications and Design compete in the Young Ones competition; one of the most competitive of the prestigious competitions for schools.

Nicole Costa, Curtis Denomme and Justin Turco, 2nd year Advertising students, Creative Stream won MERIT in the awards.

US Ad Competition - fish - garbage can US Ad Competition - fish - urinals
US Ad Competition - fish - garbage truck

Second Year Creative Stream Students Podcast

Episode 1 "Intro - Inspiration"

Episode 2 "Networking"

Episode 3 "Adobe"

Episode 4 "Layout"

Episode 5 "Photography"

Episode 6 "Portfolio Night"


Mohawk College Advertising students go 6 for 6 at national awards competition

Students in Mohawk's Advertising program dominated at last night's Canadian Marketing Association awards gala in downtown Toronto, winning gold, silver and bronze in both the student creative and marketing categories. The wins raise Mohawk's CMA award total to 26. Mohawk's CMA award-winning students are:

Student Creative Award:

  • Gold: Lucyed Hernandez, Margaret Cameron, Mike Ferrier, Catherine Adcock
  • Silver: Luke Skinner, Natalie Mathers, Ryan Speziale, Matt Mantle
  • Bronze: Corey Lepp, Sean Simons, Jean Marc Douville, Josh Noble

Student Marketing Award:

  • Gold: Jenn Gerard
  • Silver: Rosslyn Howden, Angelica Smith, Hannah Collis, Emma Lisson
  • Bronze: Richard Stewart, James Griffen, Jennifer Barrett, Matthew Marsh

A special thanks to professors Jef Petrosi and Janice Warren for mentoring the students.

The CMA awards sweep caps off a winning November for Mohawk's Advertising students. Earlier this month, seven Mohawk students won in the Applied Arts Student Awards Annual and Mohawk had two silver medal winners in the Advertising and Design Club of Canada Awards. Of the eight finalists, six were Mohawk students.

Mohawk Creative Advertising student team helps create The Joy of Books video

Joy of Books - bookshelves

A team of Mohawk Creative Advertising students helped create The Joy of Books, a charming video that's gone viral, approaching 1.5 million views. Watch the Joy of Books video here (opens new window).

Mohawk College Advertising program delivers 300 toys to Mountain Kidz

Mohawk's Advertising students and staff capped off an award-winning semester by giving back to Mountain Kidz in a big way. The nonprofit's annual Christmas dinner this Saturday will include 300 toys collected and donated by students and staff.

"It's been tough year for many Hamiltonians and Kathy Archer of Mountain Kidz had warned me that demand for help was increasing, " says Wayne Aubert, the Advertising Program Coordinator who spearheads the annual toy drive. "We knew that we had our work cut out for us this year with a record request of 150 toys."

Kidz Klub Christmas Toy Drive

Third-year Advertising student Denis Spellen was the leader for the toy drive and worked with a student team on fundraising and classroom visits. The Advertising program joined forces with Mohawk's campus radio station INDI FM, with students writing and producing public service announcements to promote the toy drive.

Also supporting the toy drive were Alegra Print, St Martin of Tours, students from Mohawk's postgraduate Public Relations program and students of Office Administration professor Janet Mannen, who personally matched student contributions.

"We're delighted that we exceeded our goal by 100 per cent and Mountain Kidz will make sure every toy finds a home," says Wayne. "When I gave the good news to Mountain Kidz, I learned that their dinners had all booked up for this Saturday and requests for help from the community were still coming in. We'll make a big difference this year."

Last month, Mohawk's Advertising program swept all six awards in the student categories at the Canadian Marketing Association's awards competition. Seven Mohawk Advertising students also won in the Applied Arts Student Awards Annual and Mohawk had two silver medal winners in the Advertising and Design Club of Canada Awards. Of the eight finalists, six were Mohawk students.

Mohawk Advertising is on the rise after winning 13 awards at Canada's two top student award shows

We've received unbelievable news from Applied Arts and the Ad and Design Club of Canada (ADCC). Mohawk Advertising will have seven winners in the upcoming Applied Arts Student awards annual, and six finalists in the upcoming ADCC annual.

"These wins are monumental for our program given that both advertising annuals are incredibly difficult to get into. Last year the ADCC only had 7 finalists in total from across the country in the advertising category. Mohawk was one of them. Clearly having 6 finalists this year is a major accomplishment.

Making it into the Applied Arts annual is also incredibly challenging given that they accept entries from all over North America. This means having to compete with powerhouse private schools like the Miami Ad School." says creative professor Jef Petrossi.

The 13 winning submissions are made up by a total of 16 students. Amazingly, three of the students (Sarah Quinto, Mikhail Ferrara, and Curtis Denomme) were only in their first year of study when they created their work.

Here is a list of the winners, coupled with the client their work was for:


  • Kelly Finnamore and Emma Wathan, Oxfam
  • Natalie Mathers, Discovery Channel
  • Ryan Speziale, Margaret Cameron, Matt Mantle, BC Worksafe
  • Mikhail Ferrara, Ikea
  • Mario Gelleny and Shawn O'Connor, Doc Martins
  • Sandy Aquino, Sean Simons and Jesse Dougan BC Hydro
  • Corey Lepp, Airhogs


  • Kelly Finnamore and Emma Wathan, Oxfam
  • Emma Wathan, Clear Blue
  • Ryan Chiasson and Mario Gelleny, Wingfest
  • Sara Quinto and Curtis Denomme Bass Pro Mills
  • Mikhail Ferrara, Ikea
  • Sandy Aquino, Sean Simons and Jesse Dougan BC Hydro

The Ad and Design Club awards (opens new window) will be held on November 3rd, 2011 in Toronto. On that night, a grand prize cheque worth $1,000 will be given to one of the finalists. This year, there are a total of 27 finalists made up from several categories including interactive media, graphic design, animation, and editorial design, in addition to advertising.

The Applied Arts student annual (opens new window) is released in November. All seven of Mohawk's winners will be showcased in the book.