Mohawk student wins gold at The National Advertising Awards 2014

The National Advertising Awards is a contest where students are given a specific client brief and have to come up with a creative solution for it. The winners in the professional category win a trip to Cannes in France to attend the Cannes Advertising Festival. Given the coveted prizing, they receive entries from all across Canada.

At this year's show (which happened on May 1, 2014), a current Mohawk student actually won gold in a professional category and will be going on a free trip to France!Jarrett McGibney, who was interning at Fuse Marketing at the time, and his partner Patrick Weir won Gold in Out of Home - a very competitive category.

Mohawk also had two winning entries in the student category. Joanna Kuczynskaand Dan Chaulk took home silver, while Nolan Kennelly took home Gold. Nolan unfortunately doesn't win a trip to France - but he has been offered an internship at BBDO - one of Canada's best agencies.

And finally, Curtis Denomme who just graduated Mohawk this time last year won Gold in the digital category. Curtis and his partner Aisling Pence, who currently work at Agency59, won gold in the Digital category and will also be going on a free trip to Cannes.

It was a night full of pleasant surprises - and people in the industry keep talking about Mohawk Advertising's upward momentum. Mohawk’s creative professor, Jef Petrossi, was in attendance at the gala.