A Beginners Guide to Cycling

bike painted on ground to indicate bike lane

Brought to you by the Sustainability Office

There are many benefits to cycling for people and the environment! For us, cycling can improve our cardiovascular health, help to reduce stress and it can save us money if we cycle instead of drive or take public transit. For our environment, choosing cycling over driving reduces harmful vehicle emissions, reduces noise pollution and is one of the simplest ways to lower our environmental footprint.

These are 3 things to keep in mind when you start cycling:

1. Ensure that your bike fits you

Most retailers will use a sizing chart to be able to recommend the proper size bike for you. It is also important that you choose the style of bike that fits your intentions. For example, if you are using your bike to commute to school or work, you may want to choose a road bike vs a mountain bike.

2. Safety First

Wearing a proper fitting helmet will protect your head in the event of a fall. Adding a bell can help to alert pedestrians or other cyclists around you if you need to pass them. Reflectors help vehicles see you if you plan to cycle when it’s dark out, like at night or in the early morning.

3. Know the rules of the road

Hand signals are important to be able to communicate your intentions to the vehicles and other cyclists around you. It’s important to stay safe while cycling and to share the road.

There are many great trails and routes within the City of Hamilton that you can access for leisure rides or getting around the city.

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