Nine Continuing Education courses to take in 2019!

Mohawk College Continuing Education In-class or online

If you’ve been putting off professional development or personal interest exploration, now is the perfect time to learn something new! Continuing Education at Mohawk College offers over 2,000 courses every year to help you elevate your expertise.

Unsure of what to take? Here is a list of nine interesting courses you could take in 2019!

Workplace Safety Certifications (online & classroom) - For many careers, workplace safety certifications are required. Mohawk College offers over 25 online essential training and certifications in workplace safety, including: Aerial Lifts for Construction, Basic Electrical Safety, Rigging and Slinging, Ladder Safety, WHMIS 2015 and many more. Explore our workplace safety offerings.

First Aid & C.P.R. Certifications (classroom) - First Aid and C.P.R certification is required for many careers. Add it to your list of workplace qualifications! Mohawk College also offers different levels of CPR certification. Learn more.

Medical Terminology (online) – Help prepare yourself for a career in a health care setting! Correct definition, spelling and pronunciation of medical terminology is key to working in a health care setting. Prepare yourself and gain an understanding of various medical terms related to disease and diagnosis, anatomy, physiology and pathology of the body, oncology and psychiatry. Explore medical terminology.

Anger Management (online) - In this personal-growth course, you will learn the many types of anger and how to manage and modify it. These strategies have been proven to be highly successful in both personal and workplace environments. Click here to learn more.

American Sign Language & First Responders Basic American Sign Language (classroom) - Learn the basics of communication used by most people who are living with hearing loss! Mohawk College has both American Sign Language and American Sign Language for First Responders. Learn more about American Sign Language.

Holistic studies (classroom) – The mind, body and spirit connection is instrumental in holistic health and healing. With a focus on the philosophy and practices of holistic health, gain a foundational understanding of various modalities of complementary and alternative therapies, as well as lifestyle management techniques that promote self-healing. Explore holistic studies.

Welding (classroom) – Skilled trade workers are in demand, and trained welders are no exception. Develop these valuable skills with a basic welding course. Learn more.

Raspberry Pi Bootcamp (classroom) - Learn the basic commands, interfaces, and set-up of the Raspberry Pi (RPi) single board computer. There are more than 11 million RPis in operation, because these credit-card-sized computers can function as a desktop computer or be used to build smart devices. Learn more.

Local Food Procurement (online) - Do you care about bringing fresh, local food to our public institutions? If so, our Local Food Procurement course is right for you! Learn the basics of growing local food, strategies for identifying, procuring and promoting local foods, and become an expert at bringing fresh, local food to public institutions. Explore local food procurement.

Continuing Education is a great option for engaging, flexible, part-time learning, both in-class and online. Take a part-time program while you work, train for a certification, or just learn something new! Explore Continuing Education to find a course that is right for you!