Start your career sooner with the Personal Support Worker (Accelerated) program

Photo of two PSW students at the IAHS campus

By Emmett Steele ‘22

Mohawk College launched the tuition-free  Personal Support Worker (Accelerated) program which had it’s first intake on July 25. Whether you’re looking for a quick and intense learning experience where you can enter the workforce faster or an extended flexible learning experience that can work with your schedule, there’s a PSW program for you.

The accelerated program is a tuition-free 21-week program set on the flexibility for our learners, carried out through one long semester.

“The first part is seven weeks of online theory, followed by a reading week and then another four weeks of classes,” said Jordana Taylor, program coordinator for the PSW programs at Mohawk College. “This is followed by another week break, before diving into clinical placements.”

The Personal Support Worker (Accelerated) program is based on Mohawk College’s traditional Personal Support Worker program, which is a certificate that is a full year with two semesters.

“The traditional PSW program is a bit of a mixture of online and in-person learning,” said Jordana. “Students attend weekly lab sessions and then we have a hybrid model where it’s synchronous and asynchronous course work. The accelerated program is mostly online.”

Photo of two PSW students working in a lab

All the same, material is covered in both programs, but the accelerated program is intense, where a lot of the material is covered with a condensed schedule.

“The biggest difference is that the accelerated program is completely tuition free. The other major differences are that the accelerated PSW students are being paid for their placements, whereas September intake PSW students are not,” said Jordana.

“The accelerated program is a really flexible learning experience where it’s online and students can complete most of their course work before work, after work, nights, when their kids are in bed.”

Both of the programs are designed for everyone, no matter what kind of interest you have in the healthcare field.

“We have students that are fresh out of high school, as well students that are in their 50’s and 60’s and are just trying to make a difference. Some students come in because they want extra training and education to look after their loved ones,” said Jordana.

“This program helps students branch out into the healthcare field and understand ‘this is what I want to do for my new career." We welcome anyone and everyone in the program.”

The PSW programs are also great for people who are currently in the workforce and looking to touch up their skills or acquire a certificate.

“There are students who have that prior learning experience who have been in a PSW role for many years but who may not have a certificate,” said Jordana. “When they have that certificate, it’s a sense of accomplishment, and it helps move them up in their current workplace and broadens their knowledge and skills as well.”

Students are learning how to look after patients by assisting with care, assisting with feeding, and learning how to transfer clients safely into wheelchairs or out of bed. Both programs are designed to be a flexible mix of in-class theory and hands-on learning in a real work environment.

“The programs also open up the doors if students want to pursue their career further and move into the Nursing program; we do have our PSW to RPN bridging program that will start up in January 2023,” said Jordana.

Both the Personal Support Worker 110 program and the tuition-free  Personal Support Worker (Accelerated) program are currently open for applications.

Disclaimer: The last intake for the Personal Support Worker (Accelerated) program is August 29, 2022.