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A nurse with patients

Public Health Nursing

By Emmett Steele ‘22 Mohawk College has launched a new Public Health Nursing Ontario College Graduate Certificate Program this year. The program aims to become a nationally recognized certification for those wishing to enter public health nursing. Under the guidance of lead subject matter expert...
woman holding plant in her hands

Earth Day 2022 - Eco Anxiety

April 22 is Earth Day! This year @earthday.org’s campaign is highlighting eco-anxiety. Eco anxiety is defined as: extreme worry about current and future harm to the environment caused by human activity and climate change. Many of us who are aware of and acknowledge climate change can experience eco...
Photo of Shaista ‘Shay’ Obaidullah

Designing a future with Mohawk

By Emmett Steele | 3rd year Journalism student Creativity is a driving passion for many young artists, and a spark of creativity can be found in everyone. Shaista ‘Shay’ Obaidullah has found a way to harness her creativity and use it to pursue a career where she can let it thrive. How did she do it...