Karen Davis

Karen Davis
Karen Davis
karen.davis [at] mohawkcollege.ca
Community Studies

Karen Davis, is an honours graduate from the Early Childhood Education program at Mohawk College. She is now the Academic Coordinator of the Early Childhood Education and Intensive programs, Child Development Practitioner Apprenticeship program, Early Childhood Education Dual Credit program, and the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship program. Karen is a member of the College of Early Childhood Education and a registered ECE.

Karen is very active in the community where she lives, she has been a part of various committees such as, Learning and Mobilization Network with the City of Hamilton, Infant and Early Years Mental Health Systems Table, How Does Learning Happen with the Ministry of Education, Vice Chair Best Start with the City of Hamilton, and the list goes on. She has also delivered a number of Community Workshops such as, Kids Have Stress Too, Self Esteem in Children, Early Learning Canada Parenting Sessions, and much more.

Karen is very passionate about teaching, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with her students.