Kirk Starkey

Kirk Starkey posing with his cello
Kirk Starkey
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Instructor, Cello

“One of Canada’s most inventive Cellists today” CBC Radio 2

An active recording cellist, recent work includes performances and arrangements on countless records including Glorious Sons, Ash and Bloom, Emma-Lee, Rehan Dalal, and Lou Rhodes (Lamb). Live performances with Quartetto Gelato, Stephen Page, Justin Hines, Elsiane, and Peter Gabriel. A featured solo performer/composer at the International Cello Festival of Canada (Winnipeg 2011), Kirk Starkey was featured in a live solo performance broadcast on CBC’s The Signal.

In the role of Producer, Kirk Starkey specializes in recording acoustic music on location, string overdubs and project management. Albums released on Hidden Pony Records and Musica Omnia. His clients include in the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Twin Within, Valerie Tryon, Suzanne Shulman, Bud Roach, Capella Intima, Paul Marleyn, and Shoshana Telner. A frequent contributor to television programs, Kirk can be heard on X Company (CBC), Flashpoint (CTV), Hannibal (NBC) and Orphan Black (BBC America). His collaboration with Tonmeister and composers Daniel Dettwiler and Ramon de Marco (Basel, Switzerland) is in permanent installation in the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany. Kirk Starkey's cello has been featured in several international advertising campaigns, including Mercedes-Benz (2013), Kaldewei (2016), and Lufthansa (2016).

Kirk performs on a newly restored Bohemian cello (c.1775) on generous loan from Hildegard Battista.

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