Sheena Snively
Sheena Snively
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Sheena started working in media in 2006 as a Social Media coordinator for MTV Canada. She quickly moved up the chain, and secured a role as MTV Host on the nationwide daily talk show MTV Live and MTV Showtown. During her time on these programs she found mainstream prominence through her popular man-on-the-street segments.

Sheena has also worked as an actor, social media influencer, and panellist at companies like Cineplex, Showtime, and the Movie Network. She is also a judge for the Prism Prize Awards which recognizes the artistry of the modern music video in Canada. In addition to her work on television, Sheena has also contributed to several docu-films such as a “Perfect 14”, and “Skull World”.

Sheena also instructs at Mohawk College in the Media and Entertainment Department. Some of the courses she has facilitated are Popular Music and Society, Rock On, The Creative Team, Media Creative Service, On-Air Vocal, Career Planning, and Emerging Media to name a few. On top of instructing Sheena is the camp Director for Mohawk Creators Camp which features Youtubers such as Vintage Beef, NELK, Mike on Much, and Andrew Huang. Sheena also Coordinates the Creative Arts Business Program in the Graduate studies department.