Skills Assessment

Mohawk College is integrating skills assessment within Program Review using the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U)’s VALUE Rubrics. Mohawk is also piloting novel uses of the VALUE Rubrics in collaboration with the College Student Success Innovation Centre (CSSIC) to facilitate the articulation and measurement of 21st century skills with local employers.

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Program Review

Mohawk College is integrating curriculum-embedded assessment using the AAC&U’s VALUE Rubrics within Program Review. Curriculum-embedded assessment involves the sampling and scoring of student coursework as evidence of the demonstration of skills like critical thinking and quantitative literacy. The VALUE Rubrics serve as meta-rubrics, representing a range of performance levels for these skills that can be applied to any disciplinary context. VALUE-Rubric scoring generates useable data on the specific competencies or component skills with which students succeed and struggle most consistently, allowing for responsive interventions within curriculum and delivery.

                              Skills Assessment Program Review Process example


The infographic above depicts the Skills Assessment Program Review Process. An accessible version of the Skills Assessment Program Review Process is available here (Opens Word document).

This incorporation of skills-based curriculum-embedded assessment to support quality assurance is unique to the Ontario college sector and has been positively received by members of the Ontario College Quality Assurance Service (OCQAS), Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) and the AAC&U.

For more information on how skills assessment is being integrated into existing Program Review processes at Mohawk or to learn more about how and when your program of study can participate, please contact our Learning Outcomes Assessment Consultant by emailing pamela.ingleton [at] (Pamela Ingleton).

Faculty Development Opportunities

VALUE Rubric Scoring and Calibration

As a component of Comprehensive Program Review, faculty from 2 and 3-year diploma programs will have the opportunity to learn how to score and calibrate their scoring using one of the 16 VALUE Rubrics. For more information, pamela.ingleton [at] (email Pamela Ingleton).

VALUE Rubric training and scoring opportunities are also provided annually by the AAC&U as part of the VALUE Institute.

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Critical Thinking Curriculum Design Workshop Series

The Centre for Teaching and Learning periodically offers this series of three workshops, which leverage the Critical Thinking VALUE Rubric to help design assignments and scaffold critical thinking in courses and across programs of study. In their feedback, previous participants have described these workshops as “engaging and informative” and “mind-bogglingly practical. Every faculty member should do this PD series.”

These workshops are also available to program areas upon request as a special half-day professional development offering. Please pamela.ingleton [at] (subject: Re%3A%20Critical%20Thinking%20Curriculum%20Design%20Workshop%20Series) (email Pamela) for more information. 



Learning Outcome Assessment Consortium

Information about Mohawk’s first research project using the VALUE Rubrics, funded by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) and led by the CSSIC.

Please visit Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario to learn more about LOAC.

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Material Handling 4.0

Information about Mohawk’s current research using the VALUE Rubrics to support micro-credentialing within access programming in partnership with Mohawk’s City School, funded by the Future Skills Centre.

Visit Future Skills Centre to learn more about how Mohawk is using the VALUE rubrics to help build pathways to employment for disadvantaged groups.

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Future Ready Skills Translator (FRST)

Information about Mohawk’s current research using the VALUE Rubrics in partnership with Future Ready Premium Partners Gerrie Electric, Thrive Group and Walters Groups, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) on behalf of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and led by the CSSIC.

Please visit Future Ready Skills Translator to learn more.