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As a member of the OCAA, Mohawk College Athletics & Recreation enter and host various Extramural Tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments provide Mohawk's athletes with the opportunity of representing the College in competition with other colleges without the commitment of Varsity Athletics.

Extramural sports allow students to compete at a more competitive level than the average intramural program, without the practices and commitment required from the Varsity program.

Teams will be chosen from sport tryouts. 

Extramural events are an extension of Intramural play, and therefore suspensions or any other disciplinary action will carry over between the two leagues. The Students' Athletics Committee helps support our team entries into both Mohawk College hosted events and those hosted by other colleges. Extra costs may be charged to and earned by the players participating. 

Extramural Offerings

  • Women's Flag Football
  • Basketball
  • Men’s Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Coed Volleyball
  • Coed Ultimate Frisbee
  • Extramural Powerlifting Team

For more Information

  • Fennell Campus: Visit Room R105 at the David Braley Athletic and Recreation Centre
  • Stoney Creek and IAHS Campuses: Visit the Student Engagement offices

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