Award System

The purpose of the Campus Recreation Award System is to encourage and promote participation & recognize individuals and teams. This system is divided into two categories:

Individual Participation

Individual Participation Points are accumulated by each person involved in the Intramural/Extramural programs and are based on involvement and participation. Points are awarded as follows:

  • Intramural Leagues 5 points
  • Extramurals 3 points
  • Tournaments 3 points

Points are accumulated throughout an athlete's career at Mohawk and are awarded at the Campus Recreation Social in the following classifications:

  • Bronze (10 - 20 points)
  • Silver (21 - 30 points)
  • Gold (31 - 40 points)
  • Merit (41 points and up)

Totals for participation points are updated regularly. Inquiries regarding point totals are welcome any time throughout the year.

Major Awards

At the end of the year, Athletics staff and the SAC acknowledge those individuals who have contributed greatly to the Campus Recreation Program. Recognition is given at the year end Social and is given in the following categories:

Outstanding Official of the Year

Awarded to a referee or scorekeeper who has officiated for at least two semesters and in one or more sports throughout the year, and who has assisted in the running of the program.

Female/Male Campus Recreation Athletes of the Year

Participants who combine athletic ability and sportsmanship and stand out in the Campus Recreation programs for their achievements.

Joe Marko Merit Awards (Coed, Men's & Women's)

Awarded for sportsmanship, enthusiasm, leadership and ability to communicate the spirit of play to their teammates.

Team/Class of the Year

Team or class who must regularly participate together and through their involvement and enthusiasm, exemplify the philosophy of the Campus Recreation Program.