Good Neighbour

Mohawk College Good Neighbour is here to help students feel supported and connected within the greater Hamilton Community. Through a dynamic series of collaborative events and campaigns there is something for everyone to find their place in this growing community! Join us on and off campus as we work together to ensure that we all have an understanding of our roles in the Mohawk College and Hamilton community!

  • Meet new friends
  • Explore your community
  • Give back to those around you
  • Connect with your community
  • Be an engaged global community member
  • Get support from your peers
  • Learn about all the resources available to you
  • Experience the beauty of Mohawk College

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Access an accessible version of the Good Neighbour and MOCS Events:

June, July, August 2019 - Start Smart

Learn all about online searching and house visits before signing a lease.

August 2019 - Adjusting to Life in Hamilton

International student orientation opportunity to learn about community resources, get the most for your money, community bylaws, safety procedures, and more!

September 2019 - MOCS Social & Good Neighbour Info Booth

MOCS Social: Join us for an off-site social and meet others living off campus in the Hamilton community.

Good Neighbour Info Booth: Learn more about how Good Neighbour can help you make the most of your time living in Hamilton.

October 2019 - Volunteer Fair & Sustainable Living

Volunteer Fair: Learn about volunteer opportunities on and off campus.

Sustainable Living: Join us for a hands on opportunity to learn more ways you can contribute to your community and your world through implementing sustainable practices.

November 2019 - Mo'Money Super Market Sweep & Residence Advice & A Slice

Mo'Money Super Market Sweep: Learn about budget management from friends in Mo'Money

Residence Advice & A Slice: Join us for a beginners session to leases, rights & responsibilities, questions and more!

December 2019 - Being an Inclusive Neighbour

Join Student Life and Social Inc. to discuss how we can all be the best neighbours and community members possible.

January 2020 - Advice & A Slice

Grab a slice and get some advice on the essentials of off campus housing

February 2020 - MOCS Reading Week Social

Can't go home this reading week? Don't sweat it! Join us for a fun MOCS Social to spend time with friends and make memories!

March 2020 - Movie Night at Mohawk

Join us for a movie night at Mohawk to de-stress and meet some friends!

April 2020 - ABCDay

Volunteer at various community projects throughout the city in this annual day of giving back!

The Good Neighbour campaign and Mohawk Off-Campus Society (MOCS) are delivering a series of information sessions and fun activities for students living off-campus in the Hamilton community. The goal is to equip students with the tools to become excellent neighbours, roommates, and ambassadors of Mohawk College.