ACMO Challenge Exams

There are 4 Challenge Exams:

  • ACMO Challenge Exam – Condominium Law - LAWS10223
  • ACMO Challenge Exam – Physical Building Management - MGMT10181
  • ACMO Challenge Exam – Financial Planning - FINC10058
  • ACMO Challenge Exam – Condominium Administration & HR - MGMT10182

Permission from ACMO is required to register for these exams. Candidates must submit a Challenge Exam Application as well as a resume clearly outlining their five years of experience (prior to November 1, 2017). Your resume must include contact information for ACMO to confirm that experience (either senior management at the employer, or board members of the corporation at which the candidate was employed).

Visit the ACMO Challenge Exams website for information on eligibility, course materials, fees, grade requirements and to complete the Challenge Exam Application.

While the ACMO application allows you to request individual exams or all 4, once approved, registration for each exam is on an individual exam basis through Mohawk College. When ACMO has approved your application, Mohawk College Continuing Education will contact you to provide information on registering for the exam(s).

Once approved and registered, you will have the flexibility to schedule your exam up to one week prior to the deadline of June 30, 2021. Please note that it is highly recommended that you attempt your exam(s) well in advance of this deadline in case you are unsuccessful in achieving the required 75% and need to take the course (the final intake of ACMO courses that would allow for meeting the June 30, 2021 deadline for Transitional General Licencees is March 1, 2021).

The challenge exams are online and are completed through the Mohawk College portal. They will be invigilated by a live remote proctor, Examity. A computer with a webcam, audio capabilities and a high speed Internet connection is required. You MUST show valid picture identification prior to the commencement of the exam.

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